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10 Tips for Applying Hair Moisturizer

10 Tips for Applying Hair Moisturizer

There aren't a ton of things you can do wrong when applying a moisturizer but there are certainly a few sins.

I work a lot of natural hair expos teaching people about CurlMix and I find that they are doing some outrageous things with their moisturizers.

I am here to stop the madness. 

#1 Only use on wet hair. 

There are only 3 ways to alter the shape of your hair: water, heat, or chemicals.

If you aren't using one of these, the shape will not change in a lasting way (this was not a recommendation to use chemicals or heat by the way).

That said, I always recommend wetting your hair before applying a moisturizer.

Since water is the only thing that can TRULY ADD MOISTURE, you have to add that first before applying any oil or cream. 

If you don't add water, the moisturizer just sits on top of your dry hair.

It's not being absorbed. 


#2 Do not apply daily.

You shouldn't apply anything to your hair daily unless it's water.

If you are styling your hair appropriately, you should only be adding a product once or twice a week.

UNLESS you are shampooing your hair every day and removing all the buildup, you shouldn't be applying it to your hair every day. 

Our moisturizer, in particular, has oils and a little Avocado Butter.

If you are adding this every day, your hair can't breathe.

You are creating build up, and even though your hair feels "soft", it is suffocating the strand, blocking it from water absorption and will result in a flaky dry scalp, and ultimately breakage. 

#3 It can be used as a styler. 

We usually recommend pairing this with the Pure Flaxseed Gel if you have type 4 hair. However, you can also use it for twist outs, braid outs, cornrows, and Bantu knots.  

#4 Perfect for pairing with a gel for a Wash + Go. 

Some of our Type 3 customers love the Pure Flaxseed Gel as a "One Product Wash  + Go" but our Type 4 customers say they NEED a cream when they add a gel.

So we always recommend adding a pump of the moisturizer to a section first, work it in, and then adding a pump of the gel. 

Sometimes just a little more product can help stubborn curls pop.

#5 A little goes a long way. 

A good moisturizer has a ton of slip.

Besides moisturizing, our Pure Avocado Moisture lays the cuticle layer down so that you get even MORE slip when applying the Flaxseed Gel.

This also helps get more styling sessions out of the Flaxseed Gel bottle.

You don't need a lot, but if you are a little heavy-handed, that's okay too because it's water-based, so it won't ruin the style. 

#6 It's also a leave-in conditioner. 

There's no real difference between a moisturizer and a leave-in conditioner.

In theory yes, a leave-in seems like it would be lighter and a moisturizer seems like a non-gel-styler.

But if you read the ingredients, they are usually the same thing (one might contain a butter) and it's really just an effort to get you to buy more products from hair companies.

I recommend using our moisturizer as a leave-in, just use a half pump instead of a full pump. 

#7 Remove Build Up

Make sure you are using a clarifying shampoo on a weekly basis.

Not bi-weekly or monthly, weekly.

If you are not properly cleansing your hair on a weekly basis and instead you are constantly adding moisturizer, gel, and oil, this is what will happen. 

+ Dirty hair

+ Dry itchy scalp

+ Breakage

+ Stunted growth

+ Sticky hair

+ No Definition

+ Weighed Down Hair

#8 If used as a styler, let hair set for at least 24 hours.

When you style your hair in a twist out, braid out, or Bantu knot, let it dry COMPLETELY.

I like to wait 24-48 hours so that my style can really set.

If I wait 48 hours, my style will last a full 7 days.

If I take it down damp in some areas, I'll be throwing it in a puffball in 2 days. 

#9  Detangle Before Applying Moisturizer

You'll use less product if you detangle during your conditioning phase.

Save your luxury products for styling, only work on wet, detangled, and sectioned hair. 

#10 Do not use the LOC method!

This is how you create build up. If you are doing a twist out or braid out, you only need a moisturizer, you don't need an oil. 

Trust me, your hair will still be soft and shiny with just our moisturizer.


I hope this helps you on your curl journey. Please share this with a friend you think needs it!

Share the wealth. 


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September 02, 2018

Kim I watched the video from your stylist and she recommended the LOC method but then your blog says no to this. So now I’m confused.


August 14, 2018

Looking for my tracking information! Anxious to get started!

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