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4 Creative Ways to Reuse a CurlMix Box

Hey CurlMixer!

Being environmentally-conscious can be a task.

However, you can achieve this by simply being a CurlMixer!


We have a new #CurlMixChallenge for you: reuse your CurlMix Box





Here are four innovative ways to repurpose your CurMix Box


1. DIY Charging Station

While styling your curls, it’s likely that you may be surrounded by various phone chargers or blow-dryer chargers (or other similar hair tools). 

It’s important to stay safe while dolling up your hair, so it’s crucial to keep those wires hidden away from any stray droplets. Not only are those extra wires covered, but it makes a stylish touch to your bathroom!



 [Photo provided by]


To create this DIY charging station, cut out holes on opposite sides of your CurlMix Box for wires to slip in through.


2. CurlMix Drawer Organizer

Need to organize all of your CurlMix products? Your CurlMix Box is the perfect solution!


 [Photo provided by]


Using scissors, cut your CurlMix Box into dividers. Place these dividers into your drawers to create cubby-holes for your individual CurlMix products.


3. Vision Board

Who else had “healthy hair” written down as part of their new year resolutions??



Vision Boards are used to visualize your goals; this includes any curl goals! Through clean products, simple routines, and a supportive group of CurlMixers, you’ll be able to achieve your hair goals in no time!

To include your CurlMix Box onto your Vision Board, simply cut the top of the box off and glue it down to your vision board.

(Don’t have a vision board? Use our CurlMix Box as the first item on your new board!)


4. Keepsake Box



You can keep anything in this meaningful keepsake box. Trinkets, old letters, knick-knacks...anything

(You may even want to keep old photos showcasing your throwback hairstyles! For your eyes only, of course…)

We hope you enjoy these ways to repurpose your CurlMix Box! (Remember, you can also practice sustainability by recycling old bottles of your favorite CurlMix products.)



As a CurlMixer, you can begin to leave a positive footprint on the Earth, one curl at a time.

Let us know how you’ll be repurposing your next CurlMix Box in the comments below! 

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Phyllis McCoy

this is a perfect way to recycle, it makes brand new what is not broken or ready for the garbage. I save boxes of all kinds as long as they’re sturdy and firm and make use of them… great ideas 💡 love ❤️ you guys and gals

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