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4 Hair Gifts for the Natural Women in Your Life

4 Hair Gifts for the Natural Women in Your Life

Hellooo CurlMixers!

Gift-giving is always a sweet gesture to show appreciation, especially when they’re practical presents. If you’re looking to shower the natural woman in your life with love, we have the perfect gift guide for you: 


Sample Kits




This is a small gift that will leave a huge impression! If your favorite curly-haired cutie isn’t too familiar with CurlMix, our sample kits are a great way for her curls to get acquainted. Whether she’s interested in trying out one of our Wash + Go kits, Pure Avocado Moisturizers, or Pure Flaxseed Gels, she’ll be delighted to dip her curls into these samples.

Essentials Bundle 

Let’s say your curly friend is all stocked up on products...but she could use a little help styling her curls. We understand how big of a role hair tools play in maintaining the health of your curls, so we put together a bundle of must-have tools


CurlMix Fresh Subscription

CurlMix Fresh is the gift that keeps on giving. Every month, Fresh releases a special kit that caters to your hair routine, body routine, or skin care routine. These aren’t your ordinary products; they’re limited, one-time exclusive creations (made with clean ingredients!) that our CurlMixers go crazy for. With this subscription, the lovely natural in your life will never have to worry about missing out on new and exciting products every month!


Pure Regrowth Serum 

Curls everywhere swoon for this phenomenal product! Our Pure Regrowth Serum has several benefits for your curls and skin, including: 



We hope you take the time to celebrate all the curls, coils, and swirls of women this month! What’s your favorite curl-curated gift? Let us know in the comments below!

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