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5 Solutions for Softer Curls In Just One Week

Question: is there anyone who doesn’t want the softest hair possible? It’s the ultimate life goal that you can literally never slack on, or your curls can easily become dry, brittle, and rough. Not to mention lifestyle changes and aging and how those alter your hair.

Luckily, softness is never impossible, and you can achieve it time and time again simply by doing things that don’t even require leaving the house.

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The key to getting the softest hair you’ve ever had is the perfect blend of practices that promote healthy hair and a constant infusion of nutrient-rich and moisturizing elements. Here are a few things you can adopt into your weekly routine.


Invest in a Steamer for Maximum Hydration

Deep conditioning and creamy masques are among the keys to healthy hair, but to take your curls to the next level of softness, you need to ensure the ingredients penetrate your cuticles. Steaming hydrates your coils to the max by opening up the cuticles and allowing water to creep in. You’ll feel immediate softness afterward and we recommend doing this once a week.


Start Doing an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

 Ingesting apple cider vinegar has a great deal of health benefits, but putting it on your hair is even better. ACV balances both the pH of your scalp and your curls by first flattening and then closing your hair’s cuticles. This makes your coils more moisturized and shinier right away, while also making them less susceptible to breakage and decreasing frizz. It won’t weigh down your hair either, so you’ll see a boost in your curl & coil definition, as well as more volume.


Use Olive Oil On Your Ends

We love to chef it up with olive oil, but did you know it can have a majorly moisturizing effect on your hair? As its name states, it can get pretty oily, which is something we definitely do not want, so we suggest adding it to your ends—the oldest parts of your curls—for a kind of DIY treatment once a week to make them both strong and soft.


Do a Post-Condition Cool Water Rinse

 There are few things better than a hot shower, but please we beg you: do not use piping hot water on your hair! It’s always better to go lukewarm. And as your last rinse, post-deep condition or masque, we advise to wash with cool water. It retains all the moisture while getting rid of the by-product. Say hello to shiny & soft curls.


Be Patient

Some of us have been natural all our lives and others among us have just had their big chop, but we can all agree that—achieving your best hair takes time. We injected argan oil into our Lemon Crème Wash + Go System because it’s one of the best softeners we’ve ever tried. Trust us: we’ve tried pure argan oil from Morocco and our lives were forever changed. Using our system in the immediate future will result in a visible change in your curls, but it’s important to be patient and forgiving of not only yourself but also your hair—it’s a lifelong journey that takes time to master, so just stick with it!


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