5 Tips for Using Hair and Body Butter

Let's get real...

Everyone and their momma has hair and body butter to sell you.

Whether it's raw, whipped, grade A, healing, moisturizing, whatever, they promise everything. But do you really know what you're getting?

No one tells you how their magic butter is supposed to work, or how to use them properly.


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We're here to change that with our Pure Hair and Body Butter line

Let's start at the beginning...

The Moisturizing Myth: Moisturizing is a Marketing trick

Most hair and body butters on the market claim to moisturize your hair and skin.

Sounds good right?

But what they don't tell you is that they are using an age-old marketing trick to make you believe the products are doing one thing, when they are really doing another

Most people think that moisturizers add moisture, which is wrong.

Moisturizers seal in moisture and slow the process of moisture loss. [Source]

The only thing that adds moisture to your hair and skin is water. Which is an entirely different process called hydrating. [Source]

Hydrating and moisturizing are not the same thing.

Butters and oils cannot hydrate only water can.

So if the best you can do is slow down water loss, how does that change things?

It means there is only one real way to ensure you are using your hair and body butter properly...

How to use hair and body butter - Hydrate then seal

Your skin and hair must be hydrated before applying a hair and body butter in order to lock in moisture.

Here are the steps to achieve the best results.

1. Cleanse your hair and skin

Before adding new products to your body you have to clear away old products, dead skin, dirt, and whatever build-up is in the way.

A good shampoo will also lift the cuticles on your hair and help you with the next step.

2. Use warm water to open pores and absorb more water

Clogged pores are dirty pores but also, you want to make sure that the water is getting absorbed into the hair and skin. Water can't get inside closed cuticles and pores, heat helps them to expand.

Now whether you are in a shower or bath, that's your call but warm water is not optional. Crank up the heat a little to get the best absorption.

3. Apply butter on damp hair and skin

Avoid the temptation to immediately dry off once you finish cleansing, this is critical. Towels are designed to absorb moisture which is the opposite of what we want. If you absolutely need to dry off a bit, just pat dry any visible water and scrunch your hair with a t-shirt.

Pro tip- Keep the air in your bathroom moist like a sauna by closing the door while you shower/bathe

Our Pure Hair and body butter is designed to melt at body temperature and goes on smooth like an oil or whipped butter. Melt a nickel-sized amount in your hands and rub on your hair and skin in an even layer.   

4. Don't reapply butter without cleansing first

Hair and body butters are made of triglycerides, small chains of fatty acids and only some of them are absorbed into the hair.

Most butter and oils sit on top of the hair and skin sealing in moisture and help lubricate which is great, but the flip side of that is that it can lead to build-up if you keep applying layer after layer without cleansing first.

Build-up can leave you with even drier hair and skin than you started with.

5. Take extra care on problem areas

Our butter contains shea butter and Kokum butter which are both emollients that help to soften rough, dry skin.

If you want to supercharge the healing effect pair our butter with a pumice stone or scrub during your cleansing routine. For your scalp, use a fine-toothed comb or a boars hair brush to scrub away dandruff in the shower.

It will work wonders on dry, cracked hands and feet, eczema, knees and elbows, and itchy scalps.

If you take the time to implement these 5 simple tips in your routine you will be amazed at your results. Your skin will feel so soft and supple you'll thank me later. 

Share this with a friend in need of healthy hair and skin tips, don't keep all this goodness for yourself...that would be selfish ; )


P.S.- Thanks for reading and if you haven't tried our Hair and Body Butter now is the time! 

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