5 Ways to Get Your Strongest Curls Ever

There are many signs and symptoms of having weak hair and when our curls aren’t strong, that has a major effect on our mood. Perhaps your strands are lifeless, thin, or you feel like you’re losing an unusual amount of them.

Or perhaps your coils are dry, your ends are split, and there’s just all-around excessive oiliness. These are just some of the signs that your hair needs to be strengthened, though important life milestones like childbirth, illness, stress, menopause, or changes in medication like birth control can also cause significant changes. 

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Weak hair is also more susceptible to damage, so if you notice that’s happening, it’s time to resort to remedies and changes that will boost your hair’s strength. Here, a few of our failsafe go-tos. 

Limit Chemical Use

 As so many of us have transitioned to natural hair from a relaxed state, we have a firsthand understanding of the power of chemicals. They can break the strongest hair down, so if your hair is already in a fragile state, you’ll definitely want to stay away from them. This means staying away from hair color and using ammonia-free and conditioning formulas at the very least if you need to maintain your color.


Treat Your Hair Like An Omelet and Use Eggs

 When we were growing up, we thought putting food in our hair would get us in trouble, yet here we are! Protein is one of the things that strengthens hair and eggs are high in it. So, we recommend slathering your curls in them for an enriching treatment, or combining a couple of eggs with honey and water as a pre-wash day masque.



Just Cut It

 A new and fresh haircut is like a blank canvas—a chance to start growing your hair healthily and the opportunity to kick off your new hair habits with no impediments. So, while trimming regularly keeps hair strong, don’t ever be afraid to go full-force with the scissors and start anew for your strongest hair ever.



Inject Peppermint & Coffee Into Your Routine

 We usually cannot start our days without some peppermint tea or a piping hot cup of coffee. And it turns out these ingredients are equally yummy for your hair. That little tingle you get after a few sips will also take place on your scalp—resulting in increased blood flow and circulation. This means your hair will be healthy from the root, so nothing will be standing in the way of your curls’ growth.



Reduce Your Stress

 Stress is the great ruin of so many amazing things in your lives, including our hair. It weakens our curls as they grow and causes them to shed more than usual by inflaming our hair follicles and interrupting the natural cycle of our hair by way of increased cortisol levels. Stress touches us all and there’s no feasible way to simply eradicate it as essential things like our jobs, families, school, and bills can be its cause. But we have found that restorative actions including long walks and meditation, as well as calming teas, CBD oil, and sleeping masks at night help us to ease our stress on a daily basis—giving our body the right foundation to repair itself, including our curls.

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Patricia Brame

A girlfriend saw me one day with my just washed type 3a/b hair blowed out. She said, “Is that you unstraightened?” I said to her, “I’m so tired of frying my hair. I have too much hair to do myself. If I’m not burning my hair, my Dominican stylist was and the heat damage had taken its toll.” She looked @ me and said, “Curl Mix.” Though she had never used it herself and didn’t know anyone who did, she had read about it and suggested I try. Initially, after using a few times I was going to give up until I started listening to my daughter who kept telling me I needed to go get hair trimmed because she knew I would occasionally chop off some burnt hair😳 I know Kim always tells everyone this before starting CM and it is so so very important to get the trim/cut. Her tutorials are great!! I so lacked the definition I desired. I went to a natural hair stylist and she actually was nice enough to do my Curl Mix application after she washed, conditioned and trimmed my hair, even though she had no knowledge of the product. I still had some straight straggling strands of heat damage that would not curl. My stylist didn’t want to disrupt the hair cut so she left as is. After about a month I couldn’t stand it any longer. I slowly started to develop better definition except for these strands so I cut a few of them off in the front and my hair looked much better. I had also already read that heat damaged hair rarely gets better after you stop using heat and eventually has to be cut. There were still a few left in the back that I could hide in the more defined hair. In addition, even though Kim tells you how much you should use, it takes a while to figure out how much moisturizer and gel you should put on how much hair(so many textures in our world)thus, I went through a flaky hair period and also I needed to use serum more often. Now 6 months after I started my natural hair journey I am actually starting to feel like it’s working. I still have a few unruly no-curl strands but they are shorter now and easier than ever to hide because of hair growth. I will let them grow out naturally. My hair is amazingly soft and healthy. I also feel healthier using all organic products and not dying my hair anymore. I have a little patch and I’m rockin the gray now! I don’t even like looking at a flat iron or straightening comb. And it changes your life because you are free to do so many things without worry of hair getting wet. As I said it is a journey till you perfect your personal routine. It is different for everyone and I’m so happy I persevered. Also, just know that this is not for the undisciplined. When I first started using Curl Mix I didn’t do wash n go as often as I should’ve and hair was lacking the hydration it needed to stay healthy. That’s one of the reasons for the flakes. I would go sometimes 10 to 14 days before I would re-do hair and if I got really lazy some days I wouldn’t re-wet either. That’s a big NO. I started watching Kim do her online Wednesday wash and started stepping up my game. If you use CM right and have patience I can’t imagine it not working for most people. Thank you Kim and Tim Crews for this amazing hair product. I AM A CURL MIXER FOR LIFE😘

Gerri Slaughter

Not totally please with your product. When I see everyones hair on line never has my hair looked the same. I am sure I’m done with your product. Wish your company well

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