6 Ways to Help Your Curls Retain Moisture

There’s always something to point the finger at when it comes to dry hair. When the temperatures drop, the whipping wind and brisk cold are guilty of extracting every ounce of moisture from your curls.

And when the temperatures climb, though the sun feels magical on your skin, its harmful rays work harder than Oprah…though they’re not as benevolent.


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But the outdoors elements aren’t the only things to blame. Another reason might be that your scalp has begun to produce less of its natural oil, which is a prime moisturizer.

This naturally happens as we age, but could also be hereditary, so check-in with your family to see if people like your mother, siblings, aunts, grandmothers, and more have experienced dry hair in their lifetime. Another major reason pertains to the density of your hair’s cuticles.

Sealing your coils with water and then a rich cream or oil is commonly suggested for natural-haired women as it keeps moisture from escaping. 

In the immediate, we propose using our Lavender Wash + Go System—its infusion of jojoba oil is an automatic moisturizer as the natural substance is like the sebum our scalp produces. But in the long-term, there are a few things you can replace in your hair routine to guarantee that moisture is never a problem again. Here, six swaps that will give you your most supple and luscious curls ever.


Your Regular Shampoo for One Without Sulfates

 Though we all need a good cleanse and scrub every now and then, stripping your hair is absolutely not something you want to do constantly. Sulfates are among the harshest cleaners you can use on your hair—chipping away at its natural moisture. Natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients are the way to go: it’s why we use them in every one of our products.


Wrapping Up Your Curls 

We like to think of our natural curls as a gift, so we like to wrap them up like a present! Only the finest for our strands which luxuriate in a satin cap, laid upon a satin pillowcase each night. This ensures our curls don’t dry out overnight



A Shower Filter for Tap Water

 Hard water is real and it will make your curls limp, lifeless, and dry. Investing in a shower filter will do for your strands what a filter for your tap does for your body: eliminate the harshest elements so there’s nothing coming between your curls and maximum flourish.




Towels to Dry Your Curls or T-Shirts 

Towel selfies a la Sade are all the rage on the ‘gram, but that’s the only time they should actually come in contact with our curls. No matter the softness, towels not only up the possibility of breakage, but they start to undo all the pre-wash and in the shower work you just did. Instead, dry your coils with a soft t-shirt. That means stocking up by the pack in Target.


Living Your Best Beach/Sun Life for Adding UV Protection to Your Hair Regimen

 Your skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and so do your curls! We love those natural surfer highlights that seem to lighten our coils in all the right places, but the sun seriously dries out our hair beyond belief. We recommend investing in leave-in sprays that contain UV protection and giving your hair a good coating pre-beach…as well as any other day that includes maximum sun exposure—especially in the Summer. We also like to lather on a creamy leave-in conditioner or oil so that our curls can bask in nutrients while we’re activating our melanin.


Fitting Curl Care Into Your Schedule When You Can for Developing a Curl Care Routine

 You need to create a moisturizing routine, the same way you’ve set aside time for wash day. Everyday moisturizing is key, especially in the Winter months—we like to use a water-based moisturizer to re-twist our curls each night, switching between moisturizing our days-old wash and go coils with a little self-care head massage each morning. We can’t tell you exactly what will work best as everyone has different needs and a different journey, but showing up for your curls on a regular basis by taking care of them is a surefire way to ensure they’re healthy and living their best lives.


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Lillian Vallery

Thank you for the moisturizing tips. I am looking forward to having nice shiny curls.

Mary Buchanan

Thank you for these very helpful suggestions. I am on a completely different hair journey & can use all of the help I can get!

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