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An Ode to Deep Conditioner know how strongly we feel about deep conditioners.



 We’ve seen curls go crazy over our Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit. Initially released as a CurlMix Fresh special, our CurlMixers loved it so much that we decided to permanently add this deep conditioner as a staple! Along with the rest of our products (handmade with clean ingredients), it’s been doing one curl of job keeping strands hydrated, moisturized, and healthy.



We’re madly in love with our Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit and all that it does for our we decided to pen a love letter. Here is our Ode to Deep Conditioner: 

You are my curl-saving grace.
AKA, my cure-all-curls solution
AKA, my reliable remedy 
AKA, the sweetest and deepest intention 
That I always set upon my strands.
Homemade or bought online from the CurlMix store,
You’re my hydrating reminder that I deserve more.
That my curls deserve more.
Deep conditioner, you bring spirit back to my curls.
You bring in magic with every mask and swirl: 
Soft, shiny, smooth.
You restore my curls, 
And you make them feel brand new.
Deep conditioner, this love I have for you will never expire.
You continue to please my hair to my wildest desire.
Deep conditioner, I don’t tell you all the time.
But I love you dearly,
You are my forever Valentine.”

Do you agree with our heartfelt sentiments? Let’s share the love: our Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit will be 15% off throughout the month of February! Don’t miss out on this chance to show your curls some major love.

Are you inspired to profess your own personal appreciation for deep conditioners? We want to hear you recite the “Ode to Deep Conditioner” poem with your own special twist! Record a video of yourself reciting the poem, using the mad-lib template featured below, and post the video to our Facebook group using #OdetoDeepConditioner. One lucky CurlMixer will receive an Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit.


We can’t wait to hear all about your love for deep conditioners!

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