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Avocado Flambe Hair Moisturizer

Introducing our all-new Avocado Flambé Moisturizer.

(Don’t you just love that name?)

We packed this month's box with ultra-luxurious Avocado Butter and Avocado Oil.

It will leave you hair moisturized and ready to take on your best styles yet!



Avocado is used in so many different ways and provides endless health benefits for your body, inside and out.

This super food contains protein, “good fats” which help to maintain cholesterol; and it is a good source of fiber and helps our bodies to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin A, D, and K.

It can also decrease blood cholesterol and help to prevent arteriosclerosis. Of course, that’s by eating it.

Let’s get to what happens when you put it in your hair.



In this month’s mix, you will receive five tantalizing ingredients.

July CurlMix Ingredients:


    is very rich so it works to soften, nourish and add shine to the hair. It is able to penetrate the cuticle to fortify our hair from the inside out.

    Avocado oil is great at penetrating the hair shaft. It is a strengthener, works to add luster to dry or damaged hair, and is perfect for any hair type. The Banana Flambé Fragrance will give your hair an alluring, almost edible, scent!

    pulls moisture from the air into our hair, and helps to define our individual curl patterns.

    is a cleaning and conditioning agent. In addition to conditioning, it is especially effective at detangling, softening, and strengthening our mane.

    smoothes cuticles, adds volume, and also works to condition the hair without any build-up. Plus, it makes the product feel great going on.

Story Time

I remember the first time I tasted a California Club.

I was working in downtown Chicago. Although I was born and raised in the Windy City, I did not frequent the downtown area often and I was in heaven.

Mainly FOOD heaven! LOL!

There were delicious little morsels on every block, both high-end and low-end. Since my salary dictated that I stay at the lower end, and my lunch break wasn’t very long, I was often seeking a quick bite. 

I found this little sandwich shop next to my job that sold a California Club.  I decided to try this new (to me) sandwich because 1. BACON! And 2. Avocado.

Now, this was not because I thought it would be good, per se, but I just had to see how avocado could be incorporated into anything other than guacamole! 

Yes, yes, I know. But I was young, ok? I was ignorant, but had now seen the light; lost, but now found.  

The shop owners soon came to know me as a regular; starting on my order as soon as I hit the door.

Yep; that one, tasty, green fruit quickly had me addicted. Though it’s not in sandwich form, we think you’ll be addicted to our July CurlMix just as much.


Why do we need to moisturize our hair?

I know what you're thinking...

Why does everyone focus on moisturizing so much? Do, I really need another one?


Because of all of our amazing curls, it can be hard for our natural oils to get all the way to the end of the strand.

This can leave curly hair dry and frizzy, killing your best hair styles, and it can even lead to breakage.

Plus, curly hair is generally more porous, relative to straight hair, so we have to make sure we give it that extra boost and care that it needs.

If you have come to a CurlMix Party, you have probably seen our station where you can test the porosity of your hair, i.e. its ability to absorb moisture. 

All you need to do is put a couple strands of hair in a cup of clean water and if it drops to the bottom quickly it is highly porous.

Of course, the Avocado Flambé Moisturizer is not ONLY for high-porosity hair. Conditioning is key for ALL hair types, from this:



 to this:



We ALL need it!

Why is avocado good for my hair?

The benefits of Avocado are becoming more widely known every day, and research is ongoing, but Its origins date back to over 5000 years ago. 

Early Egyptians, who considered their hair to be a status symbol, were the first ones to use avocado for dry hair. And, hold on, it was also used to stimulate hair growth! I think we have a winner!

After using, your hair should be easier to manage, have a polished look, and feel absoFRICKINlutely amazing!

My word is my bond, but try it for yourself then post to let me know how well it worked for YOU.



CurlMix Avocado Flambé Moisturizer

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