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Balayage Curly Hair : The Next Wave of Hair Color

Let’s face it…

Everyone with curly hair will get the temptation to color their hair at some point.

Even though it can be risky, some styles are just too fly to pass up!

There are a lot of different safe coloring techniques you can use but there is a new kid on the block and it’s sweeping through Hollywood.

Balayage Hair Color

Let’s check it out...

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What is Balayage


Balayage is a freehand technique where hair color is lightly stroked throughout the hair. 

It gives a natural and soft look to the hair. It is often compared to highlights, but they are a bit different. 

Balayage can be done on all textures and colors of hair. 

With this technique, you will get the color and softness without having to compromise your natural look fully.

Before You Get Started with Balayage

Be sure to consult with an expert colorist and curly hairstylist who can best support you during this process.

In addition, make sure to avoid these 4 harmful ingredients when you are selecting for your Balayage hair dye. 

Balayage Curly Hair Inspiration

Here are a few Balayage inspiration looks for you, Curly girls. 

Golden Hues

 Balayage Curly Hair Golden Hues

Images by Evan Joseph Curls 

I love the golden hues and softness of this Balayage look! 

Wash + Go

Balayage Curly Hair Wash and Go

Images by Evan Joseph Curls 

This particular look is giving me a Wash + Go vibe!

I love how the stylist kept the top front portion of the hair dark and swept the Balayage around the sides and back of their hair.


Wavy Red 

 Balayage Curly Hair Wavy Red

Images by Evan Joseph Curls 


I am a fan of red hair, and I love this wavy/curly mix.

Though it isn’t too red, it pairs well with their natural brown hair giving it a natural look.


Sun Kissed Hazel

Balayage Curly Hair Sun Kissed Hazel

Images by Evan Joseph Curls 

Can we talk about how beautiful this Balayage is?

I love the gradient of color here; the flow of light and dark tones throughout the hair.

Now it is your turn

Leave a comment below telling us about your experience with Balayage or if you haven't tried it yet, where do you find your inspiration when trying new hair coloring techniques?






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