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Braids for Curly Hair : 5 eye catching styles to try this Winter

Braids for Curly Hair : 5 eye catching styles to try this Winter

Braids are normally a go-to summer protective style for my curly hair but...

As the seasons change, we put away our summer shorts, fall jackets, and pull out our winter parkas and beanies.

Often, many of us resort to shoving our beautiful curls under our winter hats and saying au revoir until Spring.

Let’s change that this winter.

You can adopt more versatile styles by wearing either Wash + Go’s or braids.

The style possibilities are endless for our curls, so let's show it off!

We have selected our favorite styles of braids for curly hair that will work great for you this season.

1. Braids for the whole crew

Braids for curly hair Braids for the whole crew


Image by Braidsgang

The versatility of braids are endless. Grab your girls and make a fun day at your local salon.

2. Goddess locs only a Goddess could rock

Braids for Curly Hair Goddess locs

Image by Braidsgang

Goddess locs are an easy, lightweight, and beautiful style.

3. Braided Top Knot for a Weekend Warrior

Braids for Curly Hair Braided Top Knot

Image by malenes_hairstyles

Love the simplicity of this everyday braided updo!

4. Beauty Queen Braid Mohawk

Braids for Curly Hair Braid Mohawk Updo

Image by Jazitup

If you are attending any formal parties this season, this beautiful braided updo will certainly turn heads at the gala.

5. Classic Box Braids with Hair Jewelry

Braids for Curly Hair Box Braids with Gold Hair Jewelry Accessories

Image by Amxndakali

This is a hot twist on an old classic.

Accessories were huge in 2019 and they will not be going anywhere in 2020.

Spice up your braids with accessories.

Now it's your Turn

What braid style did you like best?

Do you think you could rock it?

Let us know in the comments!

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Xavier Mitchell-Smith

January 14, 2020

I would rock the box braids love them.

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