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Castor Oil: Adding Strength to Your Natural Curls

Like all of your great Curlfriends out here, you’re probably checking off your list to make sure your curls are ready for the holiday season.

Healthy and moisturized curls? Check. 

Stunning styles that make your strands shine bright? Check. 



Clean ingredients that transform your curls into a Christmas miracle? Hmmm…maybe you can afford to grab a certain essential ingredient.

At CurlMix, we feature a list of classic Wash + Go Kits that highlight a special ingredient that performs CurlMix miracles to your natural hair. 



Think about what your curls may be needing at this moment: 

  • “My curls have been feeling pretty weak. What can I do?”
  • “How can I strengthen my fragile strands?” 
  • “What’s a good ingredient to use for natural hair strengthening?”

Let us introduce you to your new favorite “C” word (other than CurlMix, of course!): Castor.

Castor Oil, our standout ingredient in our Vanilla Berry Wash + Go Kit, is ready to get your curls into shape for the holiday!



What is Castor Oil?

Castor Oil is an oldie but goodie! This vegetable oil is produced from seeds of the Castor plant, whose origin traces allll the way back to Egypt. 

It’s fitting for this oil to come from royalty, given the richness of its nutrients. Full of Vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty acids, and protein, castor oil helps fulfills all of your curl goals!



Castor Oil Benefits for Curly Hair

  • Strengthens your strands by giving them nourishment, essential for preventing dry hair and breakage
  • Helps to remedy your curls from dandruff with its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Acts a natural moisturizer to your scalp (a healthy scalp will lead to healthy growth!)
  • Enlightens dull curls by adding incredible shine

If you noticed your curls have been feeling a little weak in the knees, Castor Oil is the perfect solution to give them the gains (and growth!) that they need.


How to Use Castor Oil on Curly Hair 

Castor Oil is popularly used in its pure oil form, particularly for scalp massages. It can also be infused into hair products, which is exactly what we did!

These products from our classic Vanilla Berry Wash + Go Kit all feature Organic Castor Oil as the essential ingredient: 


Within this line, Organic Castor Oil helps to strengthen your curls throughout your entire Wash Day

Additionally, we have a blended Pure Regrowth Serum that has Organic Castor Oil as the primary ingredient. This carefully-crafted blend of oils is ideal for your next scalp massage and hot oil treatment

Is Castor Oil the gift you need to add on your Christmas List this season? Let us know how you like to use the oil for your curls in the comments below.

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