Celebrating the Women of CurlMix

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CurlMixers...welcome to the first day of Women’s History Month!



Although it’s time to wave goodbye to Black History Month (we’ll always be living, breathing Black history!), we’re elated to be welcoming Women’s History Month. Our CEO, Kim, finds the company in a special intersectionality with the celebration of these two phenomenal months.

“When I think about intersectionality, I think of what makes me different,” Kim said during last weeks’ Attentive panel. “I think about being a woman, then being a Black woman...it feels like it can be overwhelming, but I love working with other women of color.”

This intersectionality has allowed CurlMix to be a true service to women of color (and their respective curls!). We provide handmade products with clean ingredients that help women achieve their best hair health. It warms our curls to see women become empowered by using our products.


This month, we want to take time to celebrate all of our CurlMixers. Between our LIVE Wash + Go’s, our fun Facebook group, and our overall love for curls, we’ve built one big community of Curlfriends! 

As a CurlMixer, you are truly the highlight of CurlMix. You hold us accountable by leaving honest reviews, which in turn allows us to craft the best possible care for your curls. You spread the joy of our products by telling your friends and family, which only grows the flourishing community. You also keep us smiling and moving forward, especially after the past year many of us had! You’re not just a CurlMixer; you’re our Curlfriend, and we value you (and your curls!) so much more than you’ll ever know.



While we head into Women’s History Month, we want to show our appreciation and gratitude to all of the women who support CurlMix. It’s a pleasure getting to cater to your curls, and we look forward to doing so for a very long time.

Let’s do a roll call, CurlMixers. What’s something you enjoy about our CurlMix community? How has it impacted your curls? Let us know in the comments below!

Join the CurlMix 21-Day Master Class

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What is there not to like about this beautiful community of men women and children! I have bonded and been shown more with many of the women in this group then my own next door neighbors. The love, support and encouragement from everyone during this time of isolation has truly been a blessing and Godsend. As I have struggled with my health and have had severe hair loss to find not only a product that has help bring my hair back to life but my trust in humanity, that God could use a product to bring people together like is, is just so amazing. THANK YOU!

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