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CurlMix Fresh: small-batch, handmade, limited-edition products

Today I am going to Introduce you to CurlMix Fresh, a completely new way to experience CurlMix.

CurlMix Fresh is small-batch, limited-edition products, handmade exclusively for TRUE CurlMixers just like you!

CurlMix Fresh is unlike anything you have seen before.

Here’s why…

(P.S.-If you just want to know what the current CurlMix Fresh Drop is hit the link below.)

Table of Contents:

CurlMix Fresh Story

CurlMix started with a commitment to only using the best all-natural and organic ingredients to bring you the most effective, potent, and safe products.

CurlMix Ingredients Banner

We were constantly innovating and creating new things for our growing community.

In fact, we used to create and release a new product every month.

That's more than 2 dozen new products in 2 years!

Kim and Tim CurlMix Boxes Expo Set Up

All of this was way before we had our cool manufacturing facility in Chicago or an amazing staff.

It was just Kim and Tim and a few friends packing boxes in our living room.

CurlMix First Box Packing

Now that we have grown so much, we look back on those times with fond memories.

Plus a few embarrassing ones too!

Check out our unfortunate attempt at a Holiday product shoot...its awful!

CurlMix Box 2 and 3 Holiday Shoot

But looking back also got us thinking…

We realized what we were doing back then was special.

What truly sets CurlMix apart from all the other hair brands and copy-cats is our spirit of innovation.

We can create new things better and faster than anyone else.

Most other hair companies don’t actually make their own products but we do!

So, we decided to go back to our roots.

We will be mixing up all-new small-batch recipes that will be released on a limited basis for our special CurlMixers.

We know you will love it.

Check out the most recent drop here:


November 1st 2019 - CurlMix Fresh Drop

Stop and take it in...

You are witnessing history in the making.

Welcome to the very first CurlMix Fresh drop.

And trust me its a special one.

We had to launch CurlMix Fresh with a bang!

And what better way than by getting our CurlMixers involved.

CurlMix Fresh Facebook Contest Preliminary Votes

In October we held a contest in our private facebook group that let our CurlMixers pick the key ingredient and fragrance for the new line.

And they knocked it out of the park!

There were thousands of votes across two weeks of brutal competition.

Heated rivalries formed, coalitions rose and fell...

But a clear victor finally emerged!

CurlMix Fresh Facebook Contest Finals

This month’s CurlMix Fresh will feature Tea Tree Oil with a fresh Mango Fragrance.

We have created a full bundle using the ingredients you chose which includes:

CurlMix Fresh Bundle

Flaxseed Gel, Moisturizer, Serum, and Body Butter

The collection launches Friday, November 1st so mark your calendar!

UPDATE: CurlMix Fresh is live! Shop Now!:


CurlMix Fresh November 1st 2019 Drop Video

Key Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil

Not to be confused with the Tea you drink, Tea Tree oil is a powerful essential oil. Tea Tree Oil has been used as a folk medicine for hundreds of years to soothe skin and fight bacteria. It’s well known for its strong nutmeg/camphor scent.

Note: Some people can be sensitive to it so be sure to conduct a patch test before using. 


Last Updated: 3/16/2021




Adilah Bilal

I absolutely LOVE my Curl Mix products. I have been wearing my hair in naturals styles for many years. I have tried numerous other products. In the past I had damaged my hair with chemical perms and more recently with dyes. I am 73 years young and decided a little over a year so to no longer color my grey. On my birthday this year I received Curl Mix as a gift. I fell in love with it after the first use. My hair was soft and shiny and my curls were beautiful. I am so excited and very grateful. Thank you for a wonderful product that actually works!

janene r

Congratulations CurlMix! so excited for CurlMix Fresh, and to see you all go back to your original passion. This tea tree mango sounds like something I need in my life, lol. keep shining brightly 🌞


I’ve been using Curlmix for a time now on my grand daughters 4c high porosity hair. I’ve been trying out different methods to make it work at its max for her and I finally found a method that is working. When ever I need ro refresh, I’m using a spray bottle with water and the moisturizer and gel mixed together. I’ve also added a Denman three tooth comb to the comb through process with excellent results. Thank you Kim and Tim for such a great product. My grand gets complements everyday on her hair and we tell everyone, it’s Curlmix. maybe you should add a spray bottle and a comb like the Denman to your line. 🤗

Rachael C.

I have been wearing wash and go’s since last year but it was’nt until this year that I tried Curl Mix and started to really enjoy the look of my 4C curls. I actually get compliments on MY hair!!!…. That never happened B4 Curl Mix!

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