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The Secrets to Fighting Frizz Revealed

The Secrets to Fighting Frizz Revealed

You know what ruins a great hairstyle? Freaking frizz!

Frizz will appear due to factors such as genetics, hair damage, and humidity, so a healthy amount of frizz is actually pretty normal.

Your strands should be full of shine and definition, and we want to make sure frizzy curls aren’t holding you back. Time to pull out our secret hair weapons…



CurlMix’s Guide to Fighting Frizzy Curls


Flaxseed Gel



First and foremost, we have to give you the ultimate CurlMix Solution: Flaxseed Gel!

This Mainstay has been holding it down and keeping our curls defined since we first launched! A true CurlMix Fav, our Pure Flaxseed Gel has only gotten better with time.

To remedy any frizz, apply Pure Flaxseed Gel onto wet curls and shingle (or finger-detangle) your curls to achieve ultimate definition. (Avoid any further manipulation to prevent frizz!)

No Fluffing or Shaking 

You should know better than to keep your fingers in your hair, but nonetheless, here’s a friendly reminder to keep your hands to yourself:

Friction equals frizz!

Excess fluffing or shaking will produce frizz, so be sure to avoid any extra styling after you get your curls together. 




Want a flourishing twist-out or braid-out without the frizz? 

Rub our Pure Regrowth Serum into your fingers while taking down your curls! 

The shine will leave your curls stunning and smooth.

Bonnet in the Shower 

Who said bonnets are just for bedtime?

By wearing your bonnet in the shower, you’re preserving the tight curls from your Wash + Go style

This will minimize the chance of humidity getting up in the mix.

Don’t Overuse Any Products

Too much of a good thing can definitely affect your curls!

Be careful not to go overboard with applying products to refresh your curls. Build-up will dry out your hair and lead to more frizz.

When it is time to reapply your Pure Avocado Moisturizer and Pure Flaxseed Gel to your curls, do so sparingly!



Why let frizz hold you back, when any of these CurlMix Tips will hold your curls down?

Let us know which one of these tips you’ll use first in the comments below!

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