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CurlMix: Women-Owned and Operated

Happy Monday, CurlMixers!

Women’s History Month is a prominent time to honor all of the phenomenal women who have made significant impacts on society (especially beauty and hair care industries!). We recognize and appreciate this value within our own company. CurlMix has a team of special women who put their best curl forward everyday to provide clean beauty for curls, coils, and swirls.


It’s likely that you’re familiar with Kim, our CEO and the first woman to exclusively cater to your curls. But do you know who else works for your favorite beauty brand?



Here are a few of the incredible women who are committed to cultivating your curls: 

Deanna, Chief Financial Officer: “My job is to provide the structure and finances to ensure that we continue providing the best value for you.”

Your curls and your coins are in great hands with Deanna. Her skill is similar to our Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit: she gets the necessary work done for you to have a smooth time!



Alicia, Chief Marketing Officer: “My goal is to make you feel beautiful!”

Through hair education, community, and customization, Alicia leads the charge on how clean beauty is redefined. Her talent is similar to a Wash + Go Kit. All the essentials you need are there; you just need to establish a routine!



Asia, Lead Cosmetic Chemist: “I’m responsible for making sure all of your new favorite formulas are amazing and fresh.”

Exploring clean beauty has never been easier with Asia in the lab! Her craft is as powerful as our Pure Flaxseed Gel: full of essential ingredients that will keep your curls together! 





If there’s ever been a time when you felt alone during your hair journey, we’re here to remind you that we got your curls covered! CurlMix isn’t just a brand that provides clean products for your hair health. We’re a team that’s here to help you achieve your curl goals


Is there anything you'd like to know in particular about the stars working for CurlMix? Let us know your comments and concerns down below!

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