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New Natural? You Need to Join CurlMix's Curly Facebook Community!

Whew...let’s talk about embracing your curls wholeheartedly for what they are.

It’s easy to go around saying, “I love my curls!” or “I adore my natural hair!” 



But honestly, every natural knows this: it’s a lot more challenging to live in that same sentiment. 

Your curls take you through a lot during your natural hair journey! But fortunately, you don’t have to go through it alone.



Naturals everywhere are learning and loving their curls, and there’s a particular group that’s doing that on a daily basis: the CurlMixers Facebook group.

What is the CurlMixers Facebook Group?

One thing about CurlMix...we value transparency.

We believe it’s essential that our company maintains authentic and honest values while cultivating healthy curls for our CurlMixers. But we don’t just hold that standard for ourselves; we want our CurlMixers to do the same as well!



In order to promote this, we created a safe space for natural hair men and women who just so happen to love CurlMix: viola, the CurlMixers Facebook Group!

Within this group, a CurlMixer can find everything underneath the curl: 

  • Tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to use hair products, how to achieve the ultimate Wash + Go, and more 
  • Natural hair journeys, stories, and other experiences that naturals are going through with their own respective curls 
  • Endless support and guidance coming from Curlfriends all over   

Reasons to Join the CurlMixers Facebook Group

Natural Hair Advice 

Not to toot our own curl but...toot, toot.

In this group, you’ll be getting consistent natural hair tips and advice from not only our admin and customer service representatives, but also from naturals who are all at different levels of their natural hair journey.



Front, back, left, right...whatever direction you turn, you’ll have a curly friend offering essential information for your natural hair.

Early Curl Gets the Worm 


Our CurlMixers in the group are always the first to hear about all things CurlMix! This includes: 

Your curls would prefer for you to be early than be sorry. So don’t be tardy to the party!

A Sense of Curl Community 

What your curls need is love...and community. It’s that simple.



It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to hype up a hairstyle. Let this village be your team of curly cheerleaders!

Everyone’s Favorite CEO

Yes, we’re talking about Kim! Kim is always checking into the group, posting everything from exclusive news to questionnaires to polls. 



It’s always nice to see your Leader-In-Curl take initiatives to remain connected, and Kim definitely doesn’t let up in this group!

How Do I Join the CurlMixers Facebook Group?

To join the CurlMixers Facebook Group, all you need to do is click here!

We’re ready to welcome you and your curls with open arms.



What would you like to see included in the CurlMixers Facebook Group? Let us know down below!

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