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CurlMix's Holiday Gift Guide

CurlMix's Holiday Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of year...

With the holiday season in full swing, a lot of us are busy making our lists and checking them twice. While you’re out shopping, don’t forget to pick up a gift for your beloved Curlfriend! Their curls deserve some holiday delight, and now is the perfect time to give them some cheer.

CurlMix’s Holiday Gift Guide is here to help guide you while you create your shopping list! We must say...we’ve got a one-up on Santa with this list! Plus, we have a sweet present for you already: 25% off all of the CurlMix-featured products! We’re having a holiday sale to celebrate the joy this season brings, and we want to share that joy with you, our wonderful CurlMixers! 


The natural in your life will be elated to receive any of these curly-curated gifts, no matter their hair type or texture! Check out our list below: 

Snappee Hair Ties

If the natural in your life loves to rock a puff or bun, using Snappee’s are an excellent way to avoid tension or snagging while wearing these styles. These durable hair ties are machine-washable and have the ability to snap back into shape (if you stretch them out) with a quick wash and dry.

CurlMix Wash + Go Set


CurlMix’s Pure Avocado Moisturizer and Pure Flaxseed Gel Wash + Go Set is a dazzling duo to drop in a stocking. With this kit, the natural in your life will have no problem keeping their curls super moisturized and defined.



The Moisturizer (also considered as a leave-in conditioner) has a key ingredient of avocado oil. Avocado oil provides conditioning qualities in a rich texture, which has the ability to nourish and hydrate your hair. On the other hand, the Flaxseed Gel has natural and organic flaxseed, which gives your hair incredible hydration, while providing a lasting hold. 

With this set, your curls are in good hands!

Deep Conditioner Hair Hat



Deep conditioning is one of our favorite ways to give our curls some much needed TLC, especially during this time of year. The Hot Head heated flaxseed-filled cap takes deep-conditioning at home to a whole new level! It’s a gift that’ll definitely warm your Curlfriend’s heart (and their curls!).

CurlMix Deep Conditioner Kit


While we’re on the topic of deep-conditioning treatments, it’s only right to add The Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit onto the list! 

This kit provides tons of slip and drenches your curls with intense moisture. The Deep Conditioner is sure to make detangling a breeze, leaving your curls soft and ready for the Leave-In Conditioner. This deep-conditioning duo is a game changer, and the refreshing Strawberry Hibiscus scent is only the icing on the cake!


Flex Brush

Speaking of easy detangling...let’s get into an all-time favorite for CurlMixers: the Flex Brush.



Perfect for hair of all densities and textures, this brush is flexible enough to gently unravel the tightest tangles, without causing tension. Plus, there’s the bonus gift of eliminating the potential for product and hair build-up in your brush...this is a true winner.

Dyson Blow-Dryer


The Supersonic Dyson Blow-Dryer is the best when it comes to phenomenal blow-dryers.

Dyson has engineered their blow-dryer (for all hair types, by the way!) to protect hair from extreme heat damage by speeding up drying time. Convenience is a gift that keeps on giving! 

Satin-Lined Beanie


During the winter season, bundling up head-to-toe is the norm. When you’re wearing your curls out daily, this can pose challenges while wearing hats. Good thing Satin-Lined Beanies are available!

These beanies are a lifesaver for natural hair during the colder months. They have the ability to keep you warm, retain moisture, preserve your style, and protect those lovely locs by keeping them tangle-free! 

Satin Pillowcase

While protecting curls all-day is a major necessity, protecting them while sleeping is equally important. With this Satin Pillowcase, you won’t have to worry about your bonnets or scarves slipping off at night.

Using a satin pillowcase helps minimize frizzy hair; it also helps eliminate any friction that may be caused due to your hair rubbing against a harsher fabric (such as cotton).

Bathroom Mirror for Shower


You’ve probably heard this a trillion times: water is the key to healthy hair. Hair must be soaking wet with water to fully absorb any products that are being applied. This is why we recommend you always try to wash and style your hair in the shower; it’s an upgrade that your curls will thank you for! 

While using a Bathroom Mirror for the Shower, you have the opportunity to get a better look at your hair while you’re in the shower. Wash days just got a whole lot easier with this incredible invention!

We hope CurlMix’s Holiday Gift Guide is able to point you in the right direction and make your holiday shopping easier. Also, don’t forget: all of the CurlMix items featured on this list are 25% off! Don’t miss out on the cheery savings from our holiday sale. 

Now, the only task left for you to do is to find a good hiding spot for all of these incredible gifts. Let us know what gift you’re most excited to give in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

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Kazetta King

December 22, 2020

Put that Honey Hydration Kit in the Staples. I need a refill.

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