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Curls vs. Cooking: Challenging Gender Roles on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we’re switching up these roles the same way we like to switch up our hairstyles!



When it comes to holiday traditions, there’s been a general understanding of where certain responsibilities lie. Women usually take over the kitchen, passing down homemade recipes amongst themselves and creating meals that fill many stomachs and warm many hearts. These women then turn around and use their same skilled hands to doll up not only their head of hair, but often several other curls in the family.



It’s amazing how women’s talent is really unmatched. have the men. While women are usually hard at work (either on your favorite dish or perfecting their favorite style), men have been known to have the pleasure of relaxing until the grand feast, cheering along to football games. 



This has definitely been the norm for years, and in some cases, it’s even preferred. But here at CurlMix, we’re all about innovation: we love to mix things up (given that we started as a DIY company!).

Here is what we know: everyone enjoys a plate of delicious food. Everyone also enjoys having their hair done (well, we might add).



This year, we decided to host a fun little challenge to tackle these gender norms that we’ve grown accustomed to.

For this challenge, we had two participants, Victoria and Aaron, compete in our Thanksgiving Dinner and Wash + Go Olympics! By participating in this fun battle, we’re going to see who can finish their respective tasks first (and best!). Whomever has the best Wash + Go gets to kick back and relax while the other cooks Thanksgiving dinner. (To make this really challenging, neither of them will be able to use a comb or brush!)

Visit our YouTube channel to watch how this challenge unfolds. If you’re thinking about doing your own version of this challenge in your household, let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear how it turns out for you and your family.




Have a happy holiday, and even happier curls!

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