How to Rock Beautiful Curly Bangs

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Looking for a new Spring look? We got your curls covered!

It’s likely that your curls are already hanging with one of our classic Wash + Go styles...but how about we put a spin on it?


Bring in the bangs!


[Photo provided by Michelle Zellner via Facebook]


Bangs are the perfect way to add shape and style to your curls without too much manipulation. A little snip here and there has never hurt your hair. 





The Best Bangs to Wear for Curly Hair

  1. Classic Eyebrow Length 
  2. Curtain Bangs
  3. Faux Bangs 




When it’s time to get any of these stylish bangs for your curls, be sure to set up an appointment with a hair professional! We’d hate to see good curls go to waste due to a less-than-perfect cut.

If you’re pretty handy with scissors, feel free to take on the challenge yourself!

What to Do Before Getting Curly Bangs - CurlMix Tips

  • Style your hair with a Wash + Go beforehand 
  • Never cut bangs on wet, curly hair; make sure your strands are dry
  • Always cut longer than you’re planning to (you can always shorten the length afterwards!) 



Ready to get your best curly bang? Here’s a closer look at the bangs you should try out this Spring: 

Classic Eyebrow Length 


[Photo provided by Kathy Williams via Facebook]


We all love a good classic. If you’re new to bangs, this is a great style to start with!

Curtain Bangs


[Photo provided by Carla Moore via Facebook]


Get ready for this stylish curtain call. 

Faux Bangs

Want the style without the scissors? No problem!

With a few bobby pins, you’ll get the look without trimming any strands.


(Pro tip: this style is especially cute as an up-do!)


How to Make My Curly Bangs Look Good - CurlMix Tips

Of course your bangs are going to look fantastic...curly hair always has a gorgeous look to them! 

Here are a few tips on how to keep your bangs looking nice and popping:



Ways Bangs Can Add to Your Style - CurlMix Tips 

  • Experiencing acne or any other skin breakouts? Bangs are a great way to cover up those blemishes!
  • For all of our CurlMixers with fantastic foreheads (er, five-heads…), bangs can help minimize the appearance of your forehead
  • Bangs can add volume to your curls, giving your head of hair a fuller look

Excited for a fresh set of bangs this Spring? Let us know which style you’ll be trying out first!

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