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Spring's Top 3 Beautiful Curly Cuts

Spring's Top 3 Beautiful Curly Cuts

Keeping up with your curls during the Winter can be tough, right Curlfriend?


That's why we especially love the way our curls flourish during Spring; we love them even more when we have new hairstyles to show them off in. 

If you’ve been looking for a new way to doll up your curls this season, we think it’s time to get scissor-happy!





Trimming your hair helps to keep your strands in a healthy state; plus, rocking shorter hair is always a gorgeous option.

Ready for your curls to bloom? Here are a few curly cuts to try this season: 

Curly Bob w/ Bangs

These curls are definitely worth the bang. 



Circular Mane

Care-free? More like free the curls!



Layer Cut

You’ll love your luscious curls even more with these layers. 


With every cut comes an extra dose of care for your curls! Here’s a few ways to keep your curls healthy after your haircut: 


Whichever cut you decide to try out, it’ll definitely be a fresh look to debut for the springtime!

If you're interested in getting your curls cut by a professional, be sure to visit BlackCurlMagic.com! They have an amazing directory full of hairstylists who will get the curly job done for you.

Which style are you looking forward to trying out? Let us know in the comments below!

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April 26, 2021

Hi I’ve always wanted to try your products but been hesitant. I hold back bcuz I never see you show woman with real short hair or short hair or medium short. All these folks who push their products always in my opinion have women with length and I think it’s very misleading cuz short hair will never look like the videos please don’t discriminate choose all lengths

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