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Want More Volume? Use CurlMix's Volume Methods!

Want More Volume? Use CurlMix's Volume Methods!

That helmet hair you’ve been rocking? It’s not a cute look.

Thinning hair, limp curls, and flat hair can really mess up your hairstyle. They’re all missing one important factor: volume.


By adding volume to your curls, your hairstyles will look much more luscious. We’re always striving for fuller curls over here!

It’s time we let you in on a little secret: the silent 5th step!

Yes, it’s true. There’s actually a fifth step to our 4-Step Wash + Go System

Our CEO, Kim, has mentioned it a few times on our live Wash + Go Wednesday’s, and we must admit...this extra step brings beautiful results: 

The CurlMix Volume Method: Diffusing!




Diffusers are the hair tool that every natural should keep in her curl collection. 

It’s ideal to use a diffuser when it comes to gaining more volume. Diffusers will stretch your curls out and add a little bit of friction, creating a voluptuous look.





By using a diffuser, there are three techniques to gain more volume: 

The Hair Flip 



Bend all the way over to where your curls are hanging upside down. Attach the diffuser to the end of your curls and blow upwards before flipping back over. 

The Lean 




Similar to the Hair Flip, simply lean your head over to where your curls are hanging on your side. Attach the diffuser to the end of your curls and blow upwards before flipping back over. 

Blow Upwards


While standing straight up, move the diffuser to the bottom of your curls. Attach the diffuser to the end of your curls and blow upwards before flipping back over.

You can use any of these CurlMix Volume Methods to achieve a fuller look for your curls!

Tips for Using Your Blow-Dryer

When it comes to picking a good blow-dryer, our CurlMix recommendation is the Dyson! It’s definitely worth the cost, and your curls will thank you for this special delight.





Whichever blow-dryer you choose, we always recommend that you use the cool-to-medium setting. Cool air is a lot safer on your curls than hot air!

Still desiring bigger and better curls? Here are a few extra tips for adding volume to your curls: 

  • Keep your scalp healthy by washing and conditioning regularly, in addition to using our Pure Regrowth Serum 
  • Change your hair parts (for example, if you’re used to rocking a middle part, switch it up with a side part!)
  • Use the pineapple method for your curls while you sleep. This will help give your curls major body in the morning! (CurlMix Pro Tip: give your curls a shake after you take them out of the pineapple!)
  • Finger-lift your curls by separating them carefully (as though you’re taking down a twist-out)



Ready to turn up the volume in your curls? Let us know if you’ll be trying out our Volume Method in the comments below!

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Sondra Brooks

August 19, 2021

I am so happy to get this information today! One of my issues has been what I call “flat head.” I did not like how my hair looked after the WNG. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to try this.

Barbara Lofton

June 03, 2021

How do I select what I need for my hair. My hair is fine, soft and thinning.

Sheila Bland

May 29, 2021

Great tips! I will be trying the flip up and using the cool and low settings when I diffuse my curls. My Birthday is coming up and I might invest in the Dyson hair dryer to improve my curl volume.

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