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6 Flaxseed Gel Benefits for Curly Hair

Let's take a moment to highlight a CurlMixer fav: Our Pure Flaxseed Gel!


This mainstay was the first product we launched after evolving from our DIY subscription days, and it’s only gotten better over time! 



There are countless reasons why we love our Pure Flaxseed Gel and what it does for our CurlMixers...but we’ll save you time and just name a few: 

1. Hold On to Your Curls 



We love seeing our curls with definition!


Flaxseed Gel embraces your curls by bringing out the ultimate definition. Your curls will sit pretty in place with this definition, without the fear of flaking, frizz, or crunchiness.


This is a hold you’ll want to hang on to!


2. More Bounce, Please


There’s nothing quite as lovely as the bounce of a fresh set of curls!


Flaxseed Gel provides an elasticity that your curls will go crazy for. You’ll never have to worry about your popping curls turning stiff.



3. Rich in Vitamin-E


The “E” stands for excellent...which is how your curls will be feeling (and looking!) after using flaxseed gel!



Flaxseeds are bursting with Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for nourishing your curls. Your hair’s health has never been in better hands with these nutrients working its magic upon your strands.


4. Grow on, Honey


Want to see some hair growth? Using flaxseed gel for hair growth is essential! 


Flaxseeds are full of nutrients (such as Vitamin B and and E) that help promote a healthy scalp.


Hair growth starts with a clean and healthy scalp! The clean ingredients in our Pure Flaxseed Gel make a supportive impact on your strands.



5. Protect? Yes. Support? Of Course!


We want you to enjoy your Wash + Go's without worrying about any potential harm or damages being placed on your curls.


Our flaxseed gel guarantees you’ll never have to face that risk! It gives you a strong definition while also keeping your strands nice and moisturized.


You (and your curls!) can really have it all.


6. Strengthens Your Strands


There’s protein running all up through our coils, curls, and swirls!


Protein keeps our hair strong, and without an appropriate amount this nutrient, your strands can become dry, weak and brittle.


Flaxseed gel will keep your curls standing (and feeling) strong throughout every style!



Have you used our Pure Flaxseed Gel recently? Which fragrance line do you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!



The product composition is amazing, I tried the sample bundle fragrence free due to sensitivities, I only made significant use of the flaxseed gel. My hair loves the gel only (definitely recommend), re the other products perhaps a more moisturizing bundle that includes the jojoba would work better.


I loved the rose scented products. Please bring them back !!! other scents are for younger customers !


I have nothiced when I use the products and I incorporate a different product brand I get terrible white build up. I recently used the shampoo and conditioner then used a different spray leave in conditioner and the next day my hair was filled with white build up. Any suggestions?


I have been contemplating about buying your products but I don’t see very very short hair girls and I’m wondering if this is for me and what exactly I should purchase

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