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Grow Your Curls with Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Are your curls ready to go walking into a Winter Watermelon-land??

Yes, yes, it’s possible to enjoy this summertime fine fruit during the winter. Especially if you’re enjoying it for the sake of your curls!

Just to be clear...we’re not literally suggesting you add an actual watermelon into your natural hair care routine. (We know how you DIY-ers like to get down; we’ve been there.)



Instead, we’re talking about picking up our classic Wash + Go Kit that gives your curls delightful and delicious nourishment: Watermelon with Hemp Oil.

Think about all the stresses your tresses may be recently facing: 

  • “How can I get natural hair to grow?”
  • “Why is managing hair loss so difficult?” 
  • “What’s a good ingredient to use to grow my natural hair?” 



Relax, CurlMixer. This will soothe your strands and encourage your curls to grow, grow, grow: Hemp Seed Oil.

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp Seed Oil, extracted from seeds in the hemp plant, is a soothing ingredient that is known for helping remedy several issues, such as inflammation or pain aches.



When it comes to natural hair, Hemp Seed Oil has a different (but still beneficial!) effect. Full of Vitamin D, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants, Hemp Seed Oil has nutrients that are essential for overall hair health.

Remember, CurlMixer: the healthier your curls are, the better growth you’ll experience!

Hemp Seed Benefits for Curly Hair

  • Increases the stimulation in your strands and scalp, promoting healthy growth 
  • Locks in the moisture in your curls, ensuring that they’re nice and nourished
  • Keeps your strands lubricated, decreasing the chance of breakage due to dry hair 
  • Strengthens your hair cuticles while also improving your hair’s elasticity 



By using Hemp Seed Oil, all these benefits lead to the same curly road: ultimate hair growth due to ultimately clean and healthy hair.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil on Curly Hair 

While it’s perfectly safe to use this pure oil directly onto your curls and scalp, skip the slippery fingers and pick up products that were made with the perfect mixture of Hemp Seed Oil.

Our classic Watermelon Wash + Go Kit highlights Hemp Seed Oil as the star ingredient in all of the products: 



With every little Wash Day you take on, you’re setting up your curls for wonderful hair health, which will lead to gorgeous growth. 

The sweetness doesn’t stop there; we also feature Hemp Seed Oil in our Pure Regrowth Serum

This is perfect to use for scalp massages and hot oil treatments (which are two hair care practices that help increase stimulation!).

Let us know how you’ll be including Hemp Seed Oil into your hair care routine down below:

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