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Happy Holidays From CurlMix’s been quite a year. We’re just glad to make it to the holidays!


We could list everything that went wrong this year, but honestly...we’d be here for a while. Instead, let’s share some gratitude for a few things that brought us delight: 


Another year of providing products with clean ingredients that brings life to your curls, over and over again. Staples, such as our classic Wash + Go Kit and our best-selling Pure Flaxseed Gel, have remained true and consistent during these periods of uncertainty. CurlMix Fresh has been a bright light for several of us, and we've enjoyed creating special products to give your hair and body relief during this daunting time.


Another year of building a community with you, our lovely, honest, and hilarious CurlMixers. You hold us accountable just as much as you make us smile! We’re honored to have the pleasure of catering to you and your curls. You all have truly been the Curlfriends we needed during a time like this!


Another year of growing and learning with our team of dedicated and creative individuals. Everyday, they put their best curl forward to empower this company; and everyday, we get more inspired.


This year has left us feeling tangled on several occasions, but we’re grateful to still hold holiday spirit in our hearts (and holiday bounce in our curls!).


Happy Holidays, and have even happier hair!

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