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Holiday Hair Ideas

Holiday Hair Ideas

Even though it's a COVID-19 Holiday Season, we can still look cute! Whether you’re getting together with your family in-person or setting up a Zoom call, there are still plenty of reasons to doll up your curls. 




 We have a few holiday-hair ideas for you to try out, inspired by the delicious essentials of a Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few easy hairstyles that will keep your curls pretty (and protected!) this holiday season: 





You know that we got the sauce!

This style require the following:

(This style can be done on any type of hair; however, it'll fall correctly on medium to long hair. Don't worry: we have tutorials that can be done on shorter styles coming soon!)



First things first: this style will need to be done on freshly-washed hair! 



  1. Once you're finished with your wash, section your curls into layers (starting from the back to front). 
  2. Next, apply the CurlMix Moisturizer to the first 3 sections (depending how much hair you have). When you reach the section above your hair, begin to use the clips. 
  3. Begin to apply the CurlMix gel, then clip your hair down (not too tightly, or you'll get a headache; however, tight enough so that your hair stays slicked down). 
  4. After everything has been clipped, begin to blow-dry the top portion of your hair. Once it's dry, securely tie a silk wrap. 
  5. Afterwards, blow-dry the remaining back of your hair.


Style #2: The Turkey Legs



A timeless hairstyle for a timeless meal!

This style will require the following:

  • 2 ponytail holders (Preferably Snapee's, so you can have more control over how tight your buns are.)
  • Several Bobby Pins (the cute kind!)


  1. Begin to part your hair into two sections, leaving out an additional section for your bang. There are several ways to section off your bangs (it depends on the framing of your face), so do what you feel best! 
  2. Now, begin to pin up your ponytails to where it creates a curly poof. 
  3. Once your buns are secured, pin your curly bang back with some of your bobby pins in a cute pattern!


Style #3: Apple Pie


You’ll want to get a slice of this!

This style will require the following:


  1. After washing and moisturizing your hair, go section by section to define each curl using the gel. Part your hair down the middle and pin the two sides down. 
  2. Then, blow-dry your hair (again, section by section!). Once you’re finished blow-drying, section two strips of hair to frame your face. 
  3. Next, apply the two clips to pin your hair back. 
  4. Once your hair is pinned, apply some more gel to make these two sections pop!

(If you have shorter hair, all you have to do is brush the two sections back and clip the hair back.)


Style #4: Macaroni-N-Cheese!


Introducing one of the OG favorites!



This style will require the following:

Perfect for curls of all length (except our TWA honeys; sorry!), this style is high-poof city! 

  1. If your hair is a bit shorter, you can brush your hair upward and use bobby pins to secure it. 
  2. For longer hair, simply secure your hair (by first brushing it up and then using the string, Snapee, or band) into a messy high poof! 
  3. Section off a few curls to frame your face for a cute look, and viola! This style is very flirty and incredibly easy to do on an old Wash + Go.

Let us know in the comments below which style you're most excited to try! If you'd like to try additional looks, take a look at our YouTube video for these bonus styles: 




Happy Holidays!

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Linda Webster

January 11, 2021

can you show fine/thin hair there are slot of us out here…

Alicia Stevenson

January 11, 2021

I want to be able to buy a Curl Mix t-shirt and I would like to speak or FaceTime with someone to make sure I’m doing my wash and go correctly. if possible, if not, I totally understand. I am and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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