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Jojoba Oil: Major Moisture Solution for Dry Curls!

When it comes to cultivating healthy curls, we always have to take into consideration what our curls are crying out for. 

Here are a few common questions our CurlMixers have: 

  • “Why can’t my natural hair stay feeling soft and nourished?”
  • “My curls are feeling way too dry.” 
  • “Is there a certain ingredient that can help moisturize my natural hair?”

Sounds familiar? We have the cure-all-curls solution for you!



With the ho-ho-holidays officially here, it’s time to get into the spirit by cherishing one of our favorite ingredients: Jojoba (pronounced “ho-ho-ba”) Oil!

Jojoba Oil is our featured ingredient in the CurlMix Classic (and CurlMixer favorite!) Lavender Wash + Go Kit. Moisturizing has never felt (or smelled) better!



Looking to replenish the moisture in your curls? Let’s get into this star ingredient: 

What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax that is extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant (primarily found in states such as California, Arizona, and Mexico). 



Jojoba Oil is widely-known for its incredible healing properties. Full of antioxidants and nourishing Vitamins (A, D, and E, to be exact!), Jojoba Oil can treat everything from cuts and bruises to dry curls.

Jojoba Oil Benefits for Curly Hair 

  • Moisturizes your scalp and strands, helping to balance the oils your scalp naturally produces 
  • Soothes your scalp and helps to prevent irritation and inflammation 
  • Treats conditions such as alopecia, helping to prevent hair loss 
  • Keeps your scalp healthy and clean by protecting it against bacterial infections 

Hmm...we see a trend here!

Jojoba Oil has incredible moisturizing properties for your curls, but more importantly, it keeps your scalp healthy and thriving.

A clean scalp is always the first step for clean curls. With Jojoba Oil included in your natural hair routine, it’s only up from here, CurlMixer!

How to Use Jojoba Oil on Curly Hair 

Jojoba Oil is commonly used in its true form. Naturals everywhere often opt to include Jojoba oil in their hair care routine by applying it directly to their strands and scalp.



However...we like to make cultivating healthy curls as convenient as possible! So skip the slippery hands and indulge in these hair products that exclusively feature Organic Jojoba Oil

A true CurlMixer favorite, our Lavender line contains all of the necessary clean ingredients you need for a successful Wash + Go! 

By having Organic Jojoba Oil as the stand-out ingredient, your curls will receive essential moisture with every step of your Wash Day.



Additionally, we also feature Jojoba Oil in the Lavender line for our Pure Regrowth Serum. This crafted collection of oils provides your curls with hot oil treatments and scalp massages, two hair care practices that show extra TLC to your scalp. 

Jojoba Oil is the holiday magic your curls may need to stay merry and bright! Let us know how you plan on including this moisturizing oil into your natural hair care routine: 

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