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Celebrating Curls and Culture: Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands to Support

It’s hard out here for a curl.

Everyday that you choose to wear out your curls, you’re also choosing to potentially take on various problems: 

  • The constant policing and politicalization of natural hair
  • The pressure (literally, pressing) to polish your curls to fit in with Eurocentric beauty standards
  • The lack of hair products that actually work with your natural hair and not against it

Sometimes it feels like there’s no amount of conditioner that can smooth over these particular tangles and tribulations...but this is where we step in!


Breaking Into the Beauty Industry as a Minority Brand 

As a Black-owned hair care company, we know how important it is (and challenging) to claim space in the beauty industry. 

That’s why it warms our curls to be celebrating Latinx Heritage Month and their respective work in the beauty industry. (Shout out to Julissa Prado for her extraordinary curl work!)





The Latinx community has a hair history with struggles that are all-too-familiar for us. 

Between changing the narrative around “pelo malo” (aka “bad hair”) and learning to relax on straightened styles, there’s a whole natural hair movement going on within this culture.

It’s not always peaches and curls when it comes to defying old beauty standards...we get it.



Real recognize real, and we really recognize (and like!) how the Latinx community is making their mark in the beauty industry.

As an ally and a helping curl, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite Latinx brands for Latinx Heritage Month: 

Hair Products for Latinx Naturals: CurlMix’re probably thinking, “But CurlMix is Black-owned!” 

You’re right, we’re definitely Black-owned, but guess what? Kim, our CEO and ultimate crowd-favorite, is Afro-Latina herself.

Intersectionality. It really is a circle of life, especially when it comes to your natural hair.

We support all curls of color over here. 



Our Classic 4-Step Wash + Go System also supports that sentiment. For Latinx Heritage Month, we curated a special YouTube playlist full of Wash + Go videos featuring Latinx CurlMixers.





Before you gear up for your next Wash Day, be sure to check out one of our videos to ensure that you’re bringing the best out of your curls.




Latinx-Owned Makeup Beauty Brands

Who’s tired of having to mix and match foundations because a certain brand wasn’t able to capture your beauty on the color wheel?

You deserve to skip out on that extra work and “Wow!” yourself with the perfect color pick. Take your choice out of these amazing brands: 

Latinx-Owned Skin + Body Beauty Brands 

These brands provide ethically-sourced ingredients that leave your skin looking (and feeling) bonita: 

Latinx-Owned Lifestyle Brands



Life feels a lot more lovely when you have businesses and brands that just get it. They get all of our support: 

We look forward to celebrating curls and culture during Latinx Heritage Month, and we’re especially looking forward to celebrating with you, our CurlMixers.

Do you identify as Latinx? Let us know how you’ll be planning to celebrate this month:

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