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Luscious Lavender Co-Wash

Washing our hair can take time. 





Maybe one more wash if we've held out for three weeks or more. 


Deep condition.

Wait…. Rinse again.

This month’s CurlMix is for all of my super busy DIYers who would like to use some of that hair time for other things. 

It’s for those who have only precious moments to spare because “this presentation is due, this client is waiting on me, these kids have to be driven to five different activities”, etc., “but I STILL need to look fly.” 



Doing a co-wash instead can give you a little more time to breathe. 

Not that saving time is the most important benefit. 

Co-washing simply means “conditioner only washing.” 

It gives our hair a higher moisture level and a gentler cleansing, which keeps it from breaking. 

The moisture also makes it easier to detangle the hair, keeps those flakes off of the scalp, and adds softness to our curls.

Plus, since the breakage is decreased, growth is increased! I think that ticks off just about every requirement.

And, we’ve added one of my favorite scents to October's mix…

Luscious Lavender Co-Wash

Luscious Lavender Co-Wash


  1. Mullein Leaf
  2. Behentrimonium
  3. Distilled Water
  4. Shea Butter
  5. Grape Seed Oil with Lavender and Vanilla Fragrance
  6. Cetyl Alcohol
  7. Glycerin

What's In The Box - Luscious Lavender Co-Wash

  • MULLEIN LEAF works to remove dandruff and treats scalp issues/infections. It is also touted by many for hair conditioning and growth. It can also keep your hair smooth, and enrich your natural hair color.
  • BEHENTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE is a cleaning, conditioning, and anti-static agent which adds a "slippery feel" to the product. In addition to conditioning, it is especially effective at untangling, softening, and strengthening our hair. It also acts as a preservative.
  • DISTILLED WATER - Hard water is full of chemicals and can cause the scales on your hair shaft to stand up, making it feel rough. Distilled water is pure and free of harsh chemicals and mineral deposits that can be damaging. It also helps to dissolve impurities on your scalp.
  • SHEA BUTTER has essential vitamin A, vitamin E, phytonutrients (found in plants) and healing fats. It is great for the hair and scalp, treating dandruff and absorbing into the hair to moisturize the strands and also moisturize the scalp without clogging the pores.   
  • GRAPESEED OIL is full of emollients and nutrients, and specifically addresses problems like weakened hair, dandruff and hair loss. It also contains Vitamin E, which helps to build tissue and restore hair strands. 
  • CETYL ALCOHOL is used as a thickening agent and an emulsifier. It is considered a “fatty” alcohol and helps to condition our locks. 
  • GLYCERIN Is a humectant, bringing moisture to the hair and providing a barrier to keep it locked in. 
  • LAVENDER VANILLA FRAGRANCE because mmmmmm and feels! 



    I recently got my first ever Senegalese twists. (Yes; I've been living under a rock.)

    They had been in for about two months, so I decided to take them out.

    Imagine my utter HORROR at all of the little lint build up and dirt-filled knots left all over my head!

    Why wasn’t I warned? Extreme panic is a very mild description of what I was feeling!



    While fighting back tears and swearing to never, ever, EVER get twists again, I was calling everyone I knew, and searching the web for what I could do to remove the knots without taking out all of my hair with them.

    I kept having these flash backs to when I was four and my grandmother had to cut Hubba Bubba bubble gum out of my hair, and then “even out” the rest of my head with that section. NOOOOOOOO!



    Combing out the knots would not work, and just my fingers definitely wasn’t working.

    The secret? Conditioner. Conditioner, conditioner, conditioner, and lots of it! 

    Once I put the conditioner in and let it sit for a few minutes, I was able to work out all of the kinks. (Well, after doing the whole procedure two or three times!) 

    Since I was mentally drained from thinking I’d have to do a major chop, and physically tired from working all of those knots out, I decided to skip the shampoo and just do the Coconut Honey Deep Conditioner and wear my curls free for a couple of days before shampooing. 

    Let me tell you, my curls were gorgeous! Ok, maybe it was just the excitement of having my hair back or knowing I wasn’t going to lose it all! LOL! But I really did feel and see the difference.




    Co-washing is great, but you can’t ONLY co-wash. 

    Shampooing about every two weeks is still necessary to make sure your hair and scalp are thoroughly cleansed, and to make sure any styling products are thoroughly removed as well.

    Try using our ACV Hair Rinse with Tea to clarify your hair and scalp.

    We’d love to know how our products are working for you! Please leave us a comment below.

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    Brenda A Chase

    I thought my hair was coming out & thinning, but wasn’t sure, till curl mix came in I applied the moisture on my ends & oh my!!! 3/4 of my ends were hard & brittle!!!coming out in my hand! I thought i’d have to cut it all off, then I used my own homemade flax gel on it & wow!!! definition! & hopefully the moisture has helped stop the breakage & sheading!!! cause I don’t feel any more breakage but know I still need healing!!!Please send me advice as what steps to use next!!!!!!! should I use ACV 1st etc???

    Kimberly Lewis

    You can use honey instead of Glycerin.


    What would you recommend as a substitute for glycerin?

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