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Choosing A Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner For Your Curls

Leave in conditioners and moisturizers are true saviors for natural hair. They prevent breakage, hydrate, and boost hair growth. They're must-haves in our routines because we can use them daily, no matter what day we're on post-wash.

Whether it's moisturizing after the perfect in-shower session, boosting our overnight twist-outs, hydrating, or refreshing our coils and curls after day 3, there's nothing leave in conditioners can't do. They make our hair pop and get us closer to achieving our hair goals. 

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Natural hair is thirsty for moisture—the tighter the texture, the more it needs and wants. Finer curls can opt for lighter, spray leave ins that won't weigh the hair down and denser, thick textures should choose creamier products. 

We've made Avocado Oil the critical ingredient in every moisturizing leave in conditioner because of its conditioning qualities and creamy texture that nourishes + hydrates.

 Avocado fruit contains oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C and E, proteins, lecithin, and potassium. 


Here's a guide to our Pure Avocado Moisturizers so that you can pick the best hydrating leave in for your needs. 


Organic Jojoba Oil with Lavender Fragrance 



If you're looking for intensive infusion, add this moisturizing leave in conditioner into your routine. Jojoba Oil is most like the natural sebum produced by our scalp, so it's an excellent hydrator. You'll also get the calming aroma of lavender, turning your next wash session into a lovely garden party. 


Organic Argan Oil with Lemon Crème Fragrance 


Softer hair will be in your future when you boost your routine with this moisturizer. Argan Oil softens and strengthens dry, brittle hair, minimizes damage, and helps your hair grow. The lemon scent also has clarifying properties that lift your mood. 


Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance-Free 



Those with sensitive skin will love this Almond Oil-infused moisturizer. It makes hair healthier and treats scalp inflammation because it's brimming with polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids, vitamins A, D, B1, B2, and B6. 


Organic Hemp Seed Oil with Watermelon Fragrance  


Long hair don't care! The Hemp Seed Oil in this moisturizer locks in moisture and is packed with vitamin E, iron, zinc, and healthy omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help your hair grow. Plus, your shower session and your hair will smell like a tropical paradise, thanks to a juicy watermelon scent. 


Organic Castor Oil and Vanilla Berry Fragrance 


If you're in need of stronger hair, reach for this Castor Oil moisturizer that is rich in protein. It will help strengthen your hair and lay down the cuticle layer for more shine and a better finish. There's also the bonus of delicious berries and cream scent. 


Still indecisive? Sample all 5. 


Our sampler box gives you all five of our mini moisturizers, so you can test them out before picking your favorite and investing in a full bottle... or more than one if your hair desires.

You might just discover the best moisturizing leave in conditioner for your curls! 


WRITTEN BY: Faith Cummings

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i have 2 questions. 1) my hair is very fine but there’s a lot of it. i cannot go a week without washing my hair. do you have a shampoo recommendation i can use a couple times a week? 2) misting my hair between washes also doesn’t work for me. do you have a product i can apply to dry hair on days between washes. any suggestions are really appreciated!!

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