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Trick or Treat? 3 Hair Myths That Give Your Curls the Heebie Jeebies

It may be the start of spooky season, but you don’t need to scare your curls with any more natural hair myths!


It feels as though there will always be hair myths for us to debunk, but it’s especially important that we uncover the truths during Halloween season.





With all the scary stuff already going on in the world...we can’t have your curls out here looking (and feeling) creepy as well.


In this edition of CurlMix Mythbusters, we’re going to reveal a few natural hair myths that are tricking your curls instead of treating them nice: 


Greasing Your Scalp: TRICK OR TREAT?


This is a trick.


This is an old-fashioned hair ritual. that has been passed down from generation to generation, curl to curl. 


We all know what it feels like to sit between our mothers and grandmothers legs, staying still while they applied a thick and strong-smelling grease onto our scalp.



Even when we went to the hair salon to let a professional style our curls, we still felt at ease with the familiarity of having them also rub grease onto our scalp.


There is a fond sense of reminiscence when it comes to having our scalp greased, but now that we’re older (and wiser!), we have to look at the curl hard truth: is it actually safe for our natural hair?


Let’s look at the two main ingredients found in a few of the most popular hair greases:

  • Mineral Oil: Can produce major build-up on your scalp, resulting in breakage and damage to your hair strands 
  • Petrolatum: Similar to Petroleum (which is found in Vaseline), this ingredient is essentially a barrier. When applied to your scalp, it literally forms a barrier to where your scalp can’t get any fresh air or moisture. This can lead to disastrous dryness.





The curl of it all is that these ingredients can be pretty harmful for your scalp. 


Hair grease itself can be used on your curls as sealants and protectants, but it can have some scary effects on your scalp.


The real treat you’re looking for is oiling your scalp instead of greasing.


Instead of using hair grease to oil your scalp, use an oil that is lightweight and full of nutrients, such as Jojoba oil, which is found in our Pure Regrowth Serum



Consistent scalp massages and hot oil treatments are essential for a thriving scalp.


TRICK OR TREAT: Curly and Kinky Hair are “Stronger” Than Most Textures 


This is a trick.


Let’s be honest: this hair myth is as played out as the “Strong Black Women” trope.


Natural hair can be strong, sure. When you practice healthy hair habits and use clean ingredients, your strands can’t help but to be strong.



However, in comparison to other textures, it’s wildly inaccurate to deem curly and kinky hair as the “stronger” type.


Curls, kinks, and everything in between are extremely delicate. You have to be intentional of two major factors while caring for your natural hair: 


  1. Hair Products
  2. Hair Routines + Styling


We can’t stress how important it is to only use hair products made of safe and clean ingredients on your strands. 


You know the term you are what you eat? In this case, your curls are what you use. So if you’re using healthy ingredients, your natural hair has a better chance at being healthy.





When it comes to building hair routines and figuring out styles for your curls, you have to be careful with how you’re handling your strands. 


You can’t just take a comb and go at it; instead, you look for more friendlier tools that approach your strands delicately and with the utmost caution.


We say all this to point out that there is a great deal of concern and consideration when it comes to curls. 


The real treat you can give yourself (and your curls!) is to be concerned about your own respective hair pattern.





When you deem a certain hair type “stronger” than others, you’re invalidating the true care that they deserve and need to thrive.


Don’t worry about which hair texture is the “strongest”.


Just focus on building up your own curls!


TRICK OR TREAT: It’s Safe to Style Your Hair Daily


This is a trick.


We’ll start off with this: too much of anything (even a good thing!) can be a bad thing.





When you do one Wash + Go and go about your business, that’s excellent. But when you get to doing a Wash + Go everyday, day after day...that’s not healthy!


Over-manipulation is never going to be a treat for your curls. Excessive repetition of tight styles (such as ponytails or elaborate up-do’s) are also never going to be good for your overall hair health.


Of course your curls are going to need proper care and maintenance, but after you show them some TLC one day...leave them alone for at least the next few days!


The treat is just to style your curls one day so that it’ll last for a while.



That’s why our 4-Step Wash + Go System is so ideal. You get to cleanse, condition, moisturize and style your curls during one simple Wash Day, and your curls are set the rest of the week!


Don’t wear your curls out by styling them too much. Style as needed, and then let them be poppin’ in peace.


There will be a lot of scary tales going around this season, but don’t be so quick to believe all of them that surround natural hair! 





Give your curls extra caution this season so they won’t be spooked into despair, dryness, and damage.


What are some natural hair myths that you’ve heard about recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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