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Remedy Your 4C Hair Breakage

What’s worse than hair breakage? Hair breakage during the holidays!

Regardless if you’re planning Zoom festivities or braving in-person gatherings, we all know the importance of having picture-perfect curls for the holidays. Let’s be honest though: this year has been a bit unruly, and unfortunately, it’s even taken a toll on our curls


Hair breakage is a common occurrence that naturals face. When you’re a 4C natural, it’s especially a challenge. However, breakage shouldn’t have to be a hassle. With our curly guidance, we’ll bring your curls back to feeling the holiday spirit!



It’s first necessary that you understand what can possibly be causing your hair breakage. There are three primary causes of 4C hair breakage: 

  1. Manual: This occurs when you’re managing your curls in a rough manner. Be gentle with how you navigate through your tresses (set down the comb, and no curl will get hurt!).
  2. Physical: This is when you use heat appliances (such as a flat-iron) to alter your hair; additionally, this also includes weather elements (such as cold air, heat waves, etc.) that affect your hair.
  3. Chemical: This happens when you dip into color dyes, relaxers, or other related chemical-treatments.

Knowing the problem can give you a better sense of understanding, and in turn, you’ll come up with better solutions!

Speaking of solutions, here are essential remedies to repair your 4C hair breakage

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Did we mention moisturize?

Moisturizing is a huge key to bringing your curls back to life. Dry hair has never been a friend of ours, but this is especially true when it comes to hair breakage. Moisturizing will not only help revive your hair, but it will also serve as a major stepping stone for whenever you’re ready to doll up your next style! 

Here’s a general rule of thumb for moisturizing your curls: while wet (don’t be afraid to really splash some water on!), part your hair into sections. Afterwards, apply our Pure Avocado Moisturizer generously to each section, finger-combing the moisturizer thoroughly into your strands. 

Deep Conditioning

This is the ultimate remedy for when your tresses are feeling super dry and are in major danger of breaking off. There is nothing a deep conditioner won’t fix: brittle strands? Deep condition. Broken heart? Deep condition. Lack of inspiration? Deep condition!

Seriously...we don’t call this our cure-all-curls solution for no reason!

If you can’t remember the last time you gave your curls an enhancing and soothing deep conditioning treatment, here is a friendly reminder: get to it Curlfriend! Our Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit is waiting for your curls with open arms.


We’ve always known that “practice makes perfect”, but we’d like to put our own CurlMix spin on it: patience makes perfect. 

It’s essential that you take your time when it comes to important steps such as detangling; if you’re rushing the process or using rough tools, you’re only going to cause more harm to your hair. Even worse: you’ll be causing breakage to your precious tresses!

The next time you decide to detangle your hair, we recommend that you put aside any combs or brushes and just stick with your fingers. Finger-detangling is a much safer and smoother way to work through your curls, no matter how damaged they may feel. 

(If you find it absolutely necessary to use a comb, stick with the safe choice and pick up our Flex Brush!)

Trim Your Ends



When a good thing goes bad, it’s not the end of the world; however, it is the end of a season. (More specifically, the end of your hair strand’s season!)

Holding on to unhealthy ends is only going to hinder your hair’s overall health. Save your curls (and save yourself a heartache!) and commit to trimming your ends every three to four months. 

We’re hoping that hair breakage doesn’t put a hold onto your holiday. Happy Holidays, and have even happier hair!

Have you experienced hair breakage lately as a 4C natural? What tips and tricks did you use to help make your hair healthy again? Let us know in the comments!

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Nicole O Stewart

I’m confused is your products for 4C hair? If it is which products? Because your products say for all hair types. I need products only for my 4C hair. I also don’t see any pictures of anyone with my type of 4C hair which shrinks after it dries. My curls are so tight we call them “naps” because they pop when you comb them out. This is my 4C struggle! Do you have any products to address this!
Signed 4C Frustrated 😞

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