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Earlier this year, we completely changed our business.

We went from making Do-It-Yourself kits for curly hair... to only making our best-selling boxes as ready to use solutions. 

This was a completely different beast for us.

We started growing REALLY fast, 30% month-over-month, and we had to learn how to manufacture on a large scale.

We had to get certifications, hire team members, re-design the brand, move into a manufacturing facility, and get UPC codes.

The list just kept growing.

So much changed, so fast. 

For example, we now have Payroll and direct deposit for what?!

Some days, I too am in disbelief.

 Here is a picture of some team members filling orders, and yes, that's my little sister and Zuri (my son) in the background.

He comes to work with us every day. 😍

I am INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for our growth but some days I felt like I was building a never-ending task list.

I think I was experiencing what every startup founder craves, GROWING PAINS!

Growing, being the operative word.

Eventually, Tim left his Full-Time job to join CurlMix full time and that had a huge impact.

The hard part is that all while we were growing massively, it wasn't enough, we were being inundated with requests for additional products.

Here are some of the emails we get form CurlMixers. 

Here's another...

And another...

We get requests like these every day. 

You want new fragrances, a shampoo, conditioner, travel size products and so much more. 

Though I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my CurlMixers and hearing from you, I immediately tabled all of these requests.

There's no way we could sustain our business with the growth it was experiencing and launch a new product for 6 different lines.

It was too difficult. 

Once things started to normalize a bit, I made it a priority to launch at least one of the requests.

And thus, we began working on the Sampler Box for the Moisturizers.

It's been a month or so in the making and we are so excited to be able to deliver one of the most requested product additions. 

Our moisturizers are a CurlMix favorite. Hands down. 

"I absolutely loved it! The slip is amazing and my curls are feeling super duper moisturized. I think I have found my holy grail."

- Michelle K.

It launches at 8 am EST this Friday and the first 25 orders will receive a FREE GIFT. I'll reveal the FREE GIFT in an email later this week. 

Thanks for reading and supporting CurlMix! It means the world to me. 





Join the CurlMix 21-Day Master Class




Hi!!! I was wondering if I can purchase 4 step wash and go. In unscented, in travel size? I’m not willing to try full size. I really want to try this system!! Tried others ewww DC… I want to love it!!

Trudy Elder

Can you please tell me if you plan to sell your products in larger sizes?

Kim Terzano

I didnt know the difference between the conditioner and the moisturizer.
I’m so excited.
Thank you for you labor of love.
Maybe my hair will finally have peace. Lol
Much gratefulness,
Kim Terzano


I was just about to order the sampler kit for the gel but now I will wait until Friday and order both. Keep up the great work!

Kenyatta A. Jabbar

Ooooo weeeeee. I am so excited. When I heard about this box on Wash and Go Wednesday I had all kinds of thoughts. But foremost now I can buy samples and give gifts to my curly family and friends for the holidays not break the bank. Come through CurlMix.

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