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The 5 Best Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

We all have experienced dry hair at one point or another. It’s one of the most common concerns for women who want to keep their natural hair moisturized—especially those with type 4 patterns.

This is because the glorious pattern of our textured tresses makes it trickier for the natural oil our scalp produces called sebum to travel down our hair shaft, coating and moisturizing it along the way.

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But you know we’ve got a fix for that, right? Here are our tried-and-true ways of keeping your hair moisturized and flourishing. 

Hydrate. Water is a friend to us all.  

What you put into your body shows externally, and one of the physical acts of moisturizing your insides shows in your hair, skin, and other aspects of your appearance. 4 liters is the prescribed amount of water to keep both your hair follicles and your scalp more moisturized. There are other steps we are advising below, but this is the first and often the easiest step that we ignore often.


Keep your natural hair moisturized before cleansing, aka the pre-poo. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of the pre-shampoo treatment. It’s our favorite way to get our wash day started before stepping into the shower. By keeping your natural hair moisturized even before you begin cleansing, you’re protecting it and ensuring your in-shower journey is as effortless as possible when it comes to detangling. The jojoba oil in our Pure Regrowth Serum is most like the natural sebum that our scalp produces—making it the perfect formula for some pre-cleansing moisture. Apply it to your hair 30 minutes before cleansing to let it work its magic.


Infuse moisturizing products into your in-shower routine. 

Every product in your cleansing routine should build on the moisture you infused into your hair during your pre-poo session. Our Lavender Wash + Go System is made for supreme moisture, leaving your hair hydrated, soft, and defined.


Make sure your post-cleansing products seal the moisture in. 

The last two products in our Wash + Go System—the moisturizer and flaxseed gel—are key to making sure that all the pre-poo and in-shower hydration you did is taken to the next level. We encourage you to not only use them on wash day, but throughout the week as you maintain your definition and try other styles. 


Add steaming into your routine. 

If you’ve never steamed your hair, consider this your initiation. The heat helps moisture permeate your strands by opening the hair cuticle. And if you steam after applying our conditioner to your hair, you’ll be in for your softest hair ever. Our favorite steamer for natural hair is made by Q-Redew.


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