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Tips for Starting Your Curly Hair Journey

This is the start of something curly-ful.



Congratulations on starting your curly hair journey! It warms our curls to see women and men embrace their natural hair. We know that this decision may have come with a lot of back-and-forth; being a natural isn’t always peachy. It is, however, worth it! 





Ready to get a roll on this journey? Here are a few tips: 

Establish a Hair Routine 

Consistency is key, Curlfriends.



Stability plays a very powerful role in our lifestyles. Routines help keep us grounded, so it’s important to establish hair routines early on. Once you find your dream set of products and establish a good manner in how to doll up your curls, there’s no telling how far you’ll go. (Or how far your hair will grow!)

Start Your Product Collection Off Right

We’ll let you in on a huge pro tip, CurlMixers: a phenomenal starting team will leave you winning every time.

When you first become a natural, you may get overwhelmed with all of the products that are readily available for you. Don’t worry your pretty little curls; you only need a nice set of essentials to start off with: 



Once you’ve secured this all-star team, you’re now officially ready to play this hair game however you see fit. Regardless of how the game goes, you’ll be well-prepared (and your hair will be nicely prepped!).

Staples to Stock Up On 

It’s crucial that your products are working for you (and not against you), but they alone are not responsible for the well-being of your curls. Technique and tools are two major factors that can maintain the health and wealth of your curls. 

Here are a few staples you’ll want to keep around to assist your hair: 


Transparency is Powerful

It’s a huge decision to embrace your curls wholeheartedly; sometimes, that decision can even feel a little intimidating or daunting. Here is the good news, Curlfriend: you don’t have to be on this curl journey alone!

Women and men everywhere are loving and learning their curls, and it’s grown into a community that we’re honored to be a part of. You have endless guidance and support coming from all directions (especially from us!). You may find that sharing your experience of your hair journey is not only therapeutic for you, but it can be empowering for another curl sister as well.



If you want to document and share your curl journey, we invite you to become a member of our CurlMixers Facebook group. CurlMixers from all over share their stories: all of the good, the bad, and the curly. We’re waiting to hear yours...and to support you throughout your journey!


We're excited for you to start your curl journey! Are there any additional tips you'll be implementing? Let us know in the comments!

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Valerie D Trotter

Im really stuck in being natural or permed. I want hair that I dont have to do a lo in the morning and easy to manage, I had this with my curly perm and my hair was easy to manage everyday. Its hard to change. Im 61 and really need help with this decision. Ive been sick for about 5 yrs and now Im better.

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