Weather the Winter with these Curly Hair Tips

Winter is HERE, CurlMixer, but fear not! We've got you and your curls covered to weather the winter cold. 



 With the change of a season comes the change of the weather. This winter, there will be plenty of dry weather days our curls will have to face. Regardless of what your hair type is  (kinky, wavy, and everything in between), it’s important that you’re ready to protect your hair against this new air. 

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Feeling left out in the cold with this realization? Chill, Curlfriend: we got your back! The temperature isn’t the only thing that’s dropping; we have some major gems to drop for you! Here is how to prep and protect your curls this winter:


Deep Condition Regularly


Honestly, deep conditioning is a year-round favorite. However, during these drier seasons, it’s especially important! During this time of the year, there aren’t enough water molecules in the air to attract into our hair. It’s essential that we give our curls regular deep conditioning treatments to boost our moisture levels. Not only will they greatly improve your hair’s health, but they’ll provide luster and shine to dull hair!


During any wash weeks when you decide to skip out on deep conditioning, be sure to still incorporate a hydrating conditioner to regimen!


Use a Water-Based Leave-In Conditioner

After thoroughly rinsing out your conditioner from your hair, it’s important that you lock in the moisture with either a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer


Preferably, these products should have a water base. Water-based ingredients have the ability to deeply penetrate your hair strands. You should also check for moisturizers with glycerin listed as an ingredient. Glycerin, a humectant, has the ability to draw moisture into your hair from the environment. During the winter, this will help retain moisture in your hair for much longer!


Protect Your Curls 


At the end of the day, we just want protection for our curls. With a shield like a satin bonnet or pillowcase, you’ll rest well every night!  We don’t want any moisture to escape your pretty little head, so whenever you’re ready to call it a day, don’t forget to use these essential tools. 


Keep Your Hair Detangled


Using the proper detangling tool to keep your curls from getting all entangled helps immensely during the winter. I know you’re familiar with the wind that this season brings. This may sound silly, but wind can actually cause your hair strands to rub amongst themselves, knotting up. 



We know nothing is funny about a head full of tangles, so be sure that you’re detangling while you’re on the conditioning stage of your wash day. Detangling on dry hair is a huge “Noooo!” (breakage, you are never invited here), so always saturate your hair with water and conditioner before detangling. 


By following this set of guidelines, you’re on track for a luscious winter. Do you add any additions to your hair regimens with the transition of seasons? Drop in the comments below and let us know your routine!


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