CurlMix Fresh Kit (3 Products + FREE Gift Per Order When You Subscribe) (Ships May 24, 2021)

2.0 lb bottle

CurlMix Fresh is a special part of the CurlMix family that means small batch, handmade and of course, limited quantities. Well, guess what, it’s back.

That’s right, you begged and pleaded with us, so we are bringing CurlMix Fresh back MONTHLY!

Each month we will launch a NEW KIT with at least 3 NEW products. They are one-time exclusive creations, never before seen products with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

These products won’t be released as a part of the CurlMix classic. If you want to ensure that you’re first in line each month then you’ll want to subscribe, plus you’ll save some cash. 

If not, you’ll just have to make sure you order before we run out. We will only make a limited quantity each month and we aren’t re-releasing them.

P.S. If you’re a subscriber of CurlMix Classic, you’ll also receive a free sample of something fresh from our kitchen each month.

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