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RATE:  $40,000< ANNUALLY



COMPANY OVERVIEW                 

CurlMix is a beauty brand dedicated to education. At our fast-paced start-up, we specialize in E-commerce and curly hair. We’ve earned recognition that is unprecedented in our industry. We’ve appeared on season 10 of the Emmy award winning show, Shark Tank. We were recently featured in Forbes and made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. CurlMix is leading the beauty industry and we are one of the fastest growing start-ups in the space.

Essential Functions:

The Community Manager manages our engagement primarily on Facebook but could extend to additional platforms depending on the need. Your role entails daily communication with the CurlMix customer via social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.). This also includes creating engaging content and responding to ad comments/direct messages and within 24 hours. You’ll meet with the team on a weekly basis at 9am Monday Mornings and communicate weekly with the Content Manager & Cheif Marketing Officer to ensure we are aligning marketing efforts.

This role will manage multiple Facebook Groups and be responsible for the Facebook Inbox. You’ll post daily and facilitate the conversation for a minimum of 4 Facebook Groups. You’ll also be responsible for promoting our referral program in relevant groups. You’ll be responsible for coming up with ideas on how to get our customers to refer their friends. You’ll facilitate the program and the measure of your performance will be based on engagement rates and referral activity.

You are expected to comment on every post with more than just an emoji. We expect the Community Manager to engage in back and forth conversation with customers. No post should go without a thoughtful response within 24 hours. 

  • Developing simple Facebook Graphics posts (template provided)
  • Scheduling posting for multiple Facebook Groups (minimum of 4 groups)
  • Reply to all social media comments and actively engage with our customers
  • Ensure all DM’s have a 24-hour response time
  • Ensure you are linking to products when possible to help monetize channels (in posts and messages)
  • Providing links to education hosted on the CurlMix website
  • Providing links to relevant YouTube videos
  • Ensuring that you are sending customers to the quiz
  • Commenting on all advertisements
  • Attend weekly meeting with Digital Marketer to discuss promotions and plans.
  • Produce monthly analytics report about what’s working, what isn’t and how we can improve
  • Set monthly goals and develop a plan to get there
  • Be available on from 7p -8p CST every Wednesday to engage on Wash and Go Wednesday


Please submit your resume, two references, and cover letter in an email to . Please title the subject “I’m your next Community Manager”.



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