Model FAQ

Is this a paid opportunity?

Yes, models are paid for photo shoots and for Wash and Go Wednesday.

Is there a makeup artist?

Yes, photo shoots will have makeup artists. WGW models are responsible for their own makeup.

Do I have to have used CurlMix before?


Where is the shoot?


Can I bring my Mom/Boyfriend/Friend to the shoot?

Unfortunately, we do not allow anyone on set who is not participating in the shoot. However, there are coffee shops and great restaurants nearby if friends and/or family would like to wait for you to finish shooting :).

When will I be paid?

Your payment will be sent via Paypal within 7 business days from your shoot.

What should I wear?

Please bring tube tops, tank tops with skinny straps, etc. for photo shoots. WGW models should wear presentable, casual clothing.

How long will the shoot be?

Photo shoots are typically 5-6 hours. WGW shoots are 2-3 hours

Does CurlMix reimburse for travel?

No. Models should be in the Chicagoland area and are responsible for their own transportation to the photo shoot locationIs there parking available. There's limited parking available around the CurlMix salon and additional street parking nearby.

How will I know where to go, or what to do the day of the shoot?

We will send an email the week of the shoot with the models call time and final details

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