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10 Best Tips For Applying Flaxseed Gel

10 Best Tips For Applying Flaxseed Gel

What's the good in having the  best flaxseed hair gel if you don't know how to apply it?


In an effort to give you the best experience possible with our flaxseed gel, you have to know the right steps for applying flaxseed gel products.


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After lots of trial and error, I've learned that our Pure Flaxseed Gel works best for Wash N' Go's and Twist Outs.


Quick question before we start:


Can I use Flaxseed Gel on Locs?


Yes! You can definitely show your locs some love with flaxseed gel.


Plenty of people with locs also use Flaxseed Gel to retwist their locs, as it doesn't leave buildup and is super lightweight.


Tips For Applying Flaxseed Gel on Natural Hair 


1. Only use on Freshly-Cleansed and Conditioned Curls



Clean hair achieves the best style. If you have other product on your hair, the gel cannot penetrate your hair properly. Instead, it will just sit on top of the hair.


2. Apply Flaxseed Gel on Wet Curls Only.



Water activates the gel and enhances your curl.


If you do not use it on saturated hair, the product will not spread as much as it can and your curls won’t be as defined.


3. Finger-detangling (or Shingling) is the Best Way to Apply Flaxseed Gel.


For kinky and/or curly textures, finger detangling or shingling allows the hair to clump, giving you a more defined Wash + Go.


Brushes and combs are great for detangling, prior to applying the gel. Yet, they aren't the best for defining the curl with gel in the hair.


They usually succeed only in defining the ends of the hair instead of the strand from root to tip.


4. Work Section by Section.



To ensure you are distributing the gel, work section by section. Sections give you more control and ultimately more definition.


If you have finer hair, you can work in larger sections.


5. Don’t Manipulate Your Curls after You’ve Applied Flaxseed Gel in a Section.


Wait until it is dry before styling again. Any manipulation while wet will disturb your curl pattern and hurt your results.


The gel helps fight frizz; friction helps add frizz. Leave those luscious curls alone!


6. To Preserve Your Curls, Wear a Bonnet at Night.



Once the gel dries completely, place a bonnet over your curls for the night. Fluff it in the morning and viola!


You may need to spritz a little water on your curls, but the Flaxseed Gel will keep the definition and moisture tucked in tight.


7. Use Flaxseed Gel Sparingly.


Our Pure Flaxseed Gel is a high-end gel and you want to get more than two styling sessions out of the bottle. So don't go overboard. 


The gel dries clearer with minimal product. As a result, you should avoid leaving excess product in sections.


Use a towel to scrunch any sections that have white clumps of gel while it is still wet.


8. As long as you don’t pair this gel with other products, it should not flake.





Our Pure Flaxseed Gel has Marshmallow Root Extract and Glycerin, two ingredients that eliminate flaking.


This results in moisturized and defined curls, but it's important that you're not pairing it with any other product.


Use the gel by itself, unless you're pairing it with the Pure Avocado Moisturizer!


9. You’ll have a slight crisp to your hair.


Your hair will be most defined on the first day, but it will also have a slight crisp to it.


It is a gel after all...but it will not be hard or crunchy.


The light crisp will disappear the next day and it will be completely soft all around!


10. Disclaimer: No chemical-free product will GIVE you a curl pattern that you don’t already have.


This means our gel won’t make your curls tighter or looser. Instead, it will give hold to your natural curl pattern.





If you currently do not have curly hair when wet, this gel will not make your hair curly.


If you have heat damage, this gel won’t reverse the damage. In fact, most hair products won't.


It will only enhance your natural curl pattern. 


We hope these tips for applying flaxseed gel help you out while styling your gorgeous curls! Let us know how you like to use flaxseed gel down below:  

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    Kendra Taylor

    May 17, 2021

    Can you do a video using your product with two strand twist please. Thanks!

    Constance Crosby

    February 10, 2021

    I am not sure how to go from applying products on soaking wet hair to blow-drying; I can’t blow-dry dripping wet hair. Do I blot, plop, or what? Help!

    Mary Hayes

    January 27, 2020

    if I use the Gel it flake terribly. I don’t use a lot. when I use the moisturizer only it flakes only a little. The Gel is a nightmare I’m sorry to say. all of my clothes has flakes all over. even my glasses have flakes on them when I use Gel. also when I use products in shower it gets very slippery afraid I will fall.


    December 28, 2019

    I always have to use a pea size amount of Redkin Outshine on my hair BEFORE using a Gel on my hair to prevent FUZZ.
    Can I still use this with the Flaxseed Gel???


    November 05, 2019

    You mentioned not having any other product on saturated hair before applying the flax gel (mine is homemade).. Does this apply to natural oils, grapseed or olive? I’ve been natural for over 10 years, and in that time, I’ve never used a moisturizer of any sort, just oil. Will the oil cause the gel to cake on damp/wet hair?

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