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10 Uses For Pure Regrowth Oil Serum

We have received dozens of emails asking, "How do I use the Pure Regrowth Serum?"

Well I, Kim, CEO & Co-Founder of CurlMix, am going to lay out all the ways in which I use my Pure Regrowth Serum. I personally use it for two main functions, improving my hair and skin health.

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My favorite is the Pure Regrowth Serum with Organic Rosehip Oil & Rose Fragrance because Rosehip is packed with several vitamins and properties that aid in growth and skin regeneration. 

So let's get into it. 

Hair Uses

1. Hot Oil Treatment

 Hot Oil

After shampooing and conditioning, you might feel like your hair needs a little bit more "upmh". You may want to boost shine, improve growth, or have a deeper conditioning effect if you have color treated hair.  

Directions: Shampoo and condition your hair. While wet, lightly apply serum from the root to the tip of the strand. Cover your hair with a shower cap for 20 mins. If you have a warming cap, cover your hair with it also for a deeper treatment.

If not, be sure to warm the oil before applying it. Don't put it in the microwave! Pour hot water into a cup and set the serum in the cup for a few minutes. 

2. Sealant

The only true moisturizer for your hair is WATER! Use the serum to lock in the water. 



Directions: After using a moisturizer, lightly apply the serum to lock in the moisture and style as desired.

3. Finisher

You ever get ready to take down the perfect braid out but you're worried it won't have the shine you desire? Here's the remedy.

Directions: Take a TEENY bit of the serum, rub it in your hands, and begin the takedown process. This will give you the perfect amount of shine.  

4. Style - Twist Out/Braid Out

I love "oil only" twist outs. They are soft, fluffy, and big. They don't have the most definition but sometimes I like a big curly fro. I detest the "feeling" of product on my hair.

It means that it hasn't properly absorbed into my hair. As a result, I don't layer products and I often just end up using oil only or a water-based moisturizer.

Now, I wouldn't suggest using Coconut Oil, it's too heavy. I recommend lighter oils that will easily absorb into the hair.  


Directions: Only apply these products on wet or damp hair. Applying oil to dry hair does nothing for your strands or scalp.  

5. Pre-Poo

Whether or not this is effective is debatable, but you can totally try it out. Its intent is to lessen the damage shampoo does to your hair.

Directions: It is essentially a hot oil treatment 30 minutes before shampooing. Simply dampen hair, apply serum from root to tip. Let sit for 30 minutes and then shampoo and condition as normal. 

6. Scalp Massage

Massaging your scalp helps to increase blood flow and ultimately promote hair growth. When you do it with a potent serum, you help the oil better absorb into your scalp. This creates a healthier environment for your hair to grow in. 

Directions: On sectioned hair, apply the serum to each section, massaging thoroughly. Massage for 10 minutes on a weekly basis. 

Skin Uses

7. Cuticles

So we get our nails done and they look beautiful but a jacked up cuticle takes away from the entire look. You need to make sure your cuticles are retaining moisture just like your hair. In the nail salon, they add a bit of oil to your cuticles at the end. Well, I recommend a cuticle treatment a few times a week. If you use oil regularly, you're already treating your cuticles by happenstance. 

But if you're not, your cuticles are probably suffering from it. When I don't treat them, they begin to peel and sometimes bleed.

Directions: Just massage the oil onto your cuticles right out of the shower. You'll notice a difference in as few as 2 weeks. 

8. Makeup Remover

I don't like putting just any old thing on my face. In fact, I only use my LUSH body products on it, and I exfoliate weekly. I am a low maintenance beauty CEO. I wear makeup maybe twice a month. But when I wear it, I want taking it off to be painless because I'm LAZY! The makeup remover wipes were cool but I didn't like the dewy feeling they left behind.

I saw Naptural85 use oil and I tried it and fell in love. Massaging my face with oil and using soap to remove it all was super easy, quick, and I loved the clean moisturizing feeling I felt afterward. 

It comes off easier and leaves your face feeling moisturized and soft. 

Directions: Massage face with a few pumps of the serum to remove makeup. Once your face is completely covered, use soap and water to clean your face and voila!

9. Stretch Marks

After having both extreme weight loss and weight gain, and being 3 months postpartum, I am definitely in the business of skin rejuvenation! I apply my potent oils fresh out of the shower while my pores are open and my skin is supple. This improves their ability to absorb into the skin and makes them more effective. 

I've definitely seen a decrease in the size of my stretch marks but I know my recovery will be a combination of skin care, time, and genetics. 

Directions: After your shower, while your skin is still damp and warm, apply the serum to your problem areas and massage it into the skin. 

10. Scars

I use my Organic Rosehip Regrowth Serum on my c-section scar. I had a great surgeon but I also apply my serum to my scar each day. It's healing in ways I didn't think possible. 

When I show my friends my scar, they can barely find it. They have to squint to see it and are like..."That's it?!" I'm shocked at how well it's healing as well. 

I thought it would be a huge ugly scar but it's shrinking daily. Thanks be to my wonderful doctor and good skin care. 

Directions: After your shower, while your skin is still damp and warm, apply the serum to your scars and massage it into the skin. 

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 uses for our Pure Regrowth Serums. How do you use yours? Which use are you going to try? Comment below and let me know. 



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Just located this company looking foward to start using some of curl mix products.

Janayah Brown

Hi Kim! My name is Janayah. I am 20 years old and I am starting a business that is not a hair product line at all but will definitely cater to curly girls. Do you have any advice you could give about owning and managing an online business. Or maybe even the story of the steps it took to get the greatness that we all know as CurlMix up and running. I think you are such an inspiration and we be over the about hearing from you, or maybe even talking to you one day! Thanks for Reading :)

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