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Argan Oil: Liquid Gold that Benefits Your Natural Curls!

If you’ve been dreaming of a Wash + Go Christmas (just like the one your curls used to know!), take this as your sign to pick up a kit!




You have a few options, but let’s think about any hair concerns you may have: 

  • “My natural hair is feeling too rough and tough.”
  • “How can I get my curls to not feel so hard?” 
  • “Is there a specific ingredient to help soften my natural hair?”



If any of these questions have crossed your mind recently, we have a suggestion: Lemon Creme.

Okay, okay, not actual Lemon Creme. We’ll clarify: Lemon Creme and Argan Oil.  




Sweet scent? Yep. Sweet oil that has tons of benefits for curly hair? Check. Sweet results that give your curls an amazing style? Yes...this is the kit for you!

Let’s get you well-acquainted with Argan Oil, the standout ingredient in our Lemon Creme Wash + Go Kit. It’s sure to smooth your wandering mind (and hardening curls): 

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil, aka Liquid Gold, is produced from the Argan tree (found exclusively in Morocco).

Its nickname “Liquid Gold” definitely lives up to the hype! High in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Argan oil is bursting with restorative properties that replenish and enlighten your curls. 



Plus, Argan oil is also high in Vitamin E, an essential ingredient that helps promote hair growth and reduce hair loss! This oil is a golden key that will leave your curls feeling (and looking!) like a true treasure.

Argan Oil Benefits for Curly Hair 

  • Softens your strands by helping your hair cuticles stay smooth and healthy 
  • Adds nourishment to your curls
  • Increase hair elasticity (aka the bounce in your curls!)
  • Helps to tame frizz and adds shine to your natural hair 

The Argan Oil properties for curly hair are too nice to pass up on! Follow the liquid gold road to get your curls on the right track.



How to Use Argan Oil on Curly Hair 

Typically, you can take a bottle of Argan Oil and simply add drops of the oil into your favorite hair care products. (A little mixing has never hurt any curl!)

Fortunately, we’ve already done that work for you! Skip out on buying a bottle of Argan oil and instead, pick up these hair products that feature Organic Argan Oil as the standout ingredient: 



As a CurlMix Classic, our Lemon Creme line has all the products you need for a healthy Wash + Go. The sweet twist (besides the scent!) is that Argan Oil is infused within each product, softening your hair with every step of your Wash + Go.

You can also get a taste of Argan Oil for your curls by using the Pure Regrowth Serum. This infusion of oils is perfect to use for a hot oil treatment or scalp massage.



Does Argan Oil sound like the oil you need to help save your curls? Let us know how you plan on using Argan Oil for your natural hair!

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