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Big Chop for Curls: Here's How to Start Your Natural Hair Journey

Ready for the start of something curly-ful?

Practically every CurlMixer has had this hair dilemma: “What in the world am I going to do with my hair?!?”

You may think about switching up your style, switching up your products, or switching up your hair care routines. Those options often all fall short to this drastic change: the big chop.



What is the big chop?

The big chop (aka one of the biggest changes your curls will ever experience!) is when a natural decides to cut their curls off into a shorter style, such as the popular and gorgeous TWA. 

This is done to remove your strands of any damage they may have received, such as excessive heat, chemical treatments, or coloring treatments.



We call it big for a reason: it’s a lot of hair that you’ll be waving goodbye to! Although this drastic change can be a little bittersweet, it’s ultimately one of the best decisions you can make during your natural hair journey.

To welcome in new beginnings, you have to make room for it first, CurlMixer. The same goes with cultivating healthy curls!




How do I know if my natural hair is ready for the big chop?

Often, naturals know it’s time for the big chop when: 

  • Curls are feeling dry, dull, and damaged beyond repair
  • Cleansing, styling and detangling your curls feels like an impossible task

Most importantly, you’ll know you’re ready for the big chop when you (and your curls!) are wholeheartedly open for a change. 


So, I did the big what?

Woo-hoo! One, we’re proud of you, CurlMixer. Big chops, big blessings, big curls...they’re all coming your way.

Two, now is the time to tackle your natural hair journey curls on!

Tips for Starting a Natural Hair Journey 

Create a Stable Hair Routine

Stability saves curls, okay?


Routine keeps your curls grounded. Once you find your dream set of products and establish a consistent hair care routine, there’s no telling how far your curls will go.



Here’s a good rule of curl to remember when trying to create a hair care routine: 


Stock Up on Hair Staples

First things first: round up your hair care products!

These are the essential hair care products to keep on hand for your curls: 


In addition to these hair care products, here are a few other staples to help with your hair care: Flex Brush, Fine Mister Spray Bottle, and bonnet or hair scarf.

Gather Up Your Curlfriends

Want to document and share your curl journey? We have the perfect place for you: Our CurlMixers Facebook Group!

In this group, CurlMixers from all over are sharing their stories of being a natural: the good, the bad, and the curly. 



This type of transparency and support will help guide you while you’re cultivating healthy curls on your own respective natural hair journey.

Welcome to the natural life, CurlMixer! We’re here for you, your big chop, and any other big changes your curls may need assistance with.

What are you most looking forward to for the big chop? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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