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CurlMix Team's Reaction to Favorite Things 2020 Selection

CurlMix Team's Reaction to Favorite Things 2020 Selection

Hold on to your curls: we have some major news!

Our Wash + Go Kit, a CurlMix original, has been featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things. Yes, the Oprah! Her annual holiday list highlights incredible companies and products, and this year, we have the pleasure of making an appearance on this famous gift guide.



“It had always been a dream of mine,” our CEO and Co-Founder, Kim, beams. “Being from the South side of Chicago, Oprah’s show being there...she’s deeply embedded into my vision of success.”

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When we first heard the good news, we were stunned. Excited? Yes. Elated? Of course! Caught off guard, like a deer in headlights? Definitely. 



At first, it was honestly too good to be true. We had received an email from Oprah’s team, who expressed how much they loved our products and wanted to feature us. After a little deep-digging for affirmation, it finally began to sink in: this is real, and CurlMix really caught Oprah’s attention. 



Now that the surprise is wearing off, we’re giving ourselves a huge pat on the back. CurlMix was bound to get this honor for a few reasons:



  • We have phenomenal products. (Shout out to our classic Wash + Go kit, which helps our CurlMixers rock their dream Wash + Go style!)
  • The world is paying more attention to Black-owned businesses (which Oprah has always valued).
  • Our multicultural products support the curls of multiple heads found in multiple audiences.
  • Moving forward, we’re excited to see the type of momentum this will bring to CurlMix. The credibility that comes from being crowned by Oprah is a pretty big deal, and we’re ready to welcome her audience (along with new audiences of our own!) with open arms. Kim couldn’t have said it more perfectly: “I’m hoping to find more CurlMixers.” 



After experiencing a year as crazy as 2020, we’re just incredibly grateful to have achieved this recognition. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow CurlMix, and of course, helping our CurlMixers with their curls.

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Shelley Serrano

January 11, 2021

AWESOME. GOD IS GOOD!!!! You deserve this… Pleazzz don’t sell. Stay true to your brand.

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