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CURLMIX CHEMISTRY: How To Make Your Own Flaxseed Gel At Home!

CURLMIX CHEMISTRY: How To Make Your Own Flaxseed Gel At Home!

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Today you'll discover how to make your very own flaxseed gel at home. Don't worry about all the scientific know-how. You only need a few simple ingredients and some stuff you have at home. Let's jump into it!

What You'll Need:

● 1/4 cup of whole brown flax seeds (You can get these at your local grocery store super cheap)

● 1 small to a medium-sized pot 

● 1 stirring utensil

● 2 cups or 400 milliliters of water (preferably distilled) water 

● 1 wire mesh strainer big enough to hold all your flax seeds. The holes should be small enough not to let any flax seeds pass through.

● 1 heat-safe container to hold your gel

● Fire and heart!

Science Tip: Throw out away your grandma's pantyhose. We don't need those. We've made thousands of batches of flaxseed gel, and the strainer is way easier. You don't have to get your hands dirty, and you don't have to burn yourself.


Begin Making Gel

First, fill your pot with the water you've measured, and place your heat-safe container and strainer nearby. Your container and strainer should be ready and within your reach, as you'll need to move quickly a little later.

Next, you'll put your pot on the stove or on your fire source and wait until it's boiling hot — that's called a rolling boil. 

You want a lot of movement in your boil to help you extract more gel. 

Then, add 1/4 cup of flax seeds very gently to make sure all those seeds get hydrated and that your mixture doesn't boil over. 

If you need more control, turn down the temperature. Remember to keep a close eye on the boil (despite what your grandma may say about watched pots). Keep your mixture boiling for five minutes.

You can place your stirrer over the top to prevent boil over if you'd like. 

You'll quickly start to see gel forming, getting nice and fit. Once that five minutes is up - turn off the fire and let it sit. 


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Strain and Bottle It!

As the seeds start to settle, that's how you know it's ready to strain. If you don't let the seeds settle, it'll be more difficult to strain the gel at the end.

Science tip: If you look closely, you can see a cast start to form in the pot. That's the same way it works on your hair! Check out all that gooey goodness. 

Grab your pot and hold it over your strainer and container. 

Carefully tilt your pot into the strainer. Make sure your container is directly under your strainer as well, to catch all the gel.

Once the seeds are finished draining, you're left with that gooey gold, flaxseed. 

Let your flaxseed gel cool down. You'll know it's cool when your gel container is no longer warm to the touch.


Use Your Gel

Once your gel has cooled, it's safe to use it on your hair or skin. Give yourself a pat on the back -- you've successfully DIY'd your own flaxseed gel!

Read through this, or tried it, and decided you don't want to make your own? 

That's okay! We recommend you check out our Pure Flaxseed Gel. 

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Since we're all in this together, let us know — how did your DIY gel turn out? 

Have you tried to make flaxseed gel at home before, and it didn't work out? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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January 25, 2021

i have been learning to make my own products in an attempt to rid our household of as many harsh chemicals and to also save money, everything from cleaning supplies to body and haircare. i found your site via your wonderful video on all natural ingredients and have really enjoyed all that you share! i just made my first flax seed gel last night and like everyone else, couldn’t believe how simple and easy it was to make!! the most hilarious part though is that i wasn’t paying attention and bought “toasted” flax seeds. as i was boiling them, my fiance said “OOOH!! What are you cooking? The kitchen smells great!” i said, “i’m making my first DIY hair gel.” he said “Well don’t be mad if it’s gone by tomorrow. YOU’LL KNOW I ATE IT!!!” low and behold he hasn’t eaten it yet, and i used it for the first time this morning. i have type 3 curls where typical chemical gels are too heavy and just cake up on my hair and wieght it down. i’ve always looked for styling lotions, which are actually more of a liquid than a lotion thickness. the challenge is to find them without alcohol which just dries my hair out. the flax seed gel has a consistency that’s very similar, and i love that i can control exactly what goes into it!! i added some tee trea oil to help cover up the “toasted” scent ;-) but alas i think i’m going to have to go back and buy more flax seeds and donate this bag to the baking efforts here at home. thanks so much everyone at Curl Mix for your commitment to pruducing natural products to maintain our curls and even help to teach us to make them ourseleves!!!


September 02, 2020

I can’t believe how ridiculously easy and inexpensive flaxseed gel is to make. In addition, it worked the same on my hair as the gel I buy minus that intoxicating lavender scent of course. thank you for sharing this.

Catrina R Jefferson

August 28, 2020

This is so nice of you all to show us how to make the flaxseed gel. Your sharing is appreciated and its a great science experiment for 10 years old and up children. God is going to continue to bless your business just for sharing. Not only did you give us the recipe, you showed us how to do it as well. This is simply wonderful. I am definitely going to try this myself. May God continue to bless and prosper your business.

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