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CurlMix's History: Black-Owned and Black-Operated

Happy Friday, CurlMixers!



This Black History Month has been especially special to us. While we took the time to honor the monumental history, we also held space for recognizing the role we play in Black history. It warms our curls to see the impact that our handmade products (full of clean ingredients!) makes on Black lives (and curls!) everywhere; it definitely encourages us to continue to provide the best hair care possible.

Our CEO, Kim, really set the tone when she first founded CurlMix as a DIY kit subscription company. As the company evolved (launching a whole line of products, including our classic Wash + Go kits and Pure Flaxseed Gel), our staff continued to keep the flow of the initial tone set. Majority of our employees are Black, and each and every role keeps the curls going round!



Deanna, our Chief Financial Officer, is proud of the Black history she’s living in while she flourishes in her role at CurlMix.

“This is the most diverse work setting I’ve ever worked in,” Deanna says. “I love the people I get to work with! It feels good to work with such amazing, talented individuals.” (P.S. Deanna’s favorite CurlMix product is our Lemon Creme Argon Avocado Moisturizer!)


As Black History comes to an end, we look forward to continuing to make our own history as a Black-owned and Black-operated company. We’ll continue providing phenomenal hair care products that will make your curls beam with delight!

Are there any Black-owned companies that you really admire? We’d love to celebrate them! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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