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3 Super Easy Nighttime Routines for Your Curls

Pineapple Method for Curly Hair Nighttime Routine

CurlMixers, there’s nothing worse than having a fantastic hair day...only to have it ruined by a poor nighttime routine.

Who hates waking up with their curls tangled and matted? We’re crazy about our curls...not atrocious bed-head!

In order to start your day off on the right curl, it’s essential that you’re protecting your hair while you catch some Zzzz’s.





Here are a few ways to ensure that your curls are getting their beauty sleep: 

First Things First: Moisturize

All through the day and all through the night...make sure those curls are moisturized!



You should definitely work to ensure that your curls are always moisturized. Dry hair is uncomfortable at any part of the day, but it can be especially damaging while you’re sleeping. 

Keep your strands safe by using our Pure Avocado Moisturizer. A little bit of this moisture will set your curls up for a good night’s rest! 

Wear a Satin or Silk Scarf

Where would our curls be without our loyal scarves?




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These nighttime scarves are not only super stylish, but they’re incredibly efficient. 



Wearing a satin or silk scarf to bed is a great way to keep your moisture tucked in, in addition to keeping your curls nice and snugged. 

Twist/Braid Your Curls

This takes a little extra effort, but it’s definitely worth it!


Twisting or braiding your curls up before bedtime has several pros: 

  • Keeps moisture locked in 
  • Helps prevent tangling
  • Helps decrease frizz 

Plus, once the sun rises, you’ll have a bomb twist-out (or braid-out) when you take down your curls. (Just be sure to use our Pure Regrowth Serum while doing so!)


Pineapple Method 

This is every Wash + Go’s must-have for a good night’s sleep!

The pineapple method is super simple to use to protect your Wash + Go style at night. 




How to do the Pineapple Method - CurlMix Style 

  1. Collect your curls to the top of your head. 
  2. Secure the curls by using a hair tie. 
  3. Optional: Use a satin or silk scarf to cover the back of your head as well

In the morning, refresh your curls using our Fine Mister Spray Bottle and Pure Flaxseed Gel (as needed).

Your curls deserve a good night’s rest as well. Protect your curls at night by using any of these techniques and watch your curls thrive!



How do you like to protect your hair while you sleep? Let us know your routines in the comments!

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