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How to Do an Easy Wash and Go on Kids' Natural Hair

Fact: Regular Wash Days require a great deal of energy.

Even Bigger Fact: Wash Days for Mini Mixers require a greater deal of energy.





We don’t know what it is about kids and their anguish at getting their curls cleaned, but we do know it can be exhausting for all parties involved. 

Need help for having a smooth-sailing Wash Day for your little ones? Try these Wash + Go tips for young kids: 

Tip 1: Baby Curl (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!)

Cleansing and washing your Mini Mixer’s curls isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It can actually be pretty challenging, especially when they get to splashing at you.

If your little one is giving you trouble in the waters, it’s time to bring out the sharks!




A helpful (and catchy) way to get your Mini Mixer excited about washing their curls is to bring out their inner shark. 

Baby Shark has a hold on the kiddos that’s about as good as the hold of our Pure Flaxseed Gel!

By jamming to this tune and sculpting their sudsy strands to mimic the style of a shark, your kids will be more willing to let you cleanse their curls. 

Tip 2: Two Brushes, One Great Detangle 

Like most CurlMix Kiddos, your child is probably tender-headed. Or hard-headed. More than likely, they’re actually both.

If this is the case, we know that detangling during the conditioning stage can feel like a triathlon. So many obstacles just to make it through the finishing line...but you will make it!



When it’s time to sort through your Mini Mixer’s knots and tangles, you’ll need two tools to help glide that conditioner through: 

Using these two brushes will allow you to smooth out your Mini Mixer’s strands more efficiently, without any tears or tears. 

Tip 3: Flaxseed Gel is Optional 

If your Mini Mixer is having trouble staying still for the first three steps of the 4-Step Wash + Go System, there’s no telling if they’ll make it to tell the tale of our Pure Flaxseed Gel.

Here is some pretty sweet news: you can skip applying the Pure Flaxseed Gel on your Mini Mixer.

Skipping the Flaxseed Gel...on Wash Day? We know, we know: that doesn’t sound very CurlMix-ish! 



One, our Mini Mixers are pretty young, which means their respective curls are still growing. The flaxseed gel isn’t necessary when our Pure Avocado Moisturizer brings out the definition just as well.

Two, our Mini Mixers are pretty young. This means they’re not all that concerned with keeping their curls defined for several days. (Chances are, they weren’t going to anyway!)

Kids will be kids, so we’re letting their curls be curls. 

Additional Tips for an Easy Wash and Go 

  • Do your Mini Mixer’s Wash + Go in a bathtub with plenty of toys. This will distract them from getting their curls cleansed, helping you get the job done! (This will depend on the age of your Mini Mixer. If they’re a bit older, the sink is a great alternative.)
  • Treat Wash Day as its own special occasion. Separate it from daily bath time; this is especially helpful if you have multiple kids at different ages with a variety of curls.


Now, a Wash + Go on a Mini Mixer doesn’t have the same expectations as a Wash + Go on a CurlMixer. 

With the way kids are, it’s impossible for them to keep anything intact for several days. Especially their hair.





However, a Wash + Go on a Mini Mixer sets the stage for plenty of cute hairstyles to follow. 

You’ll be able to turn your Mini Mixer’s Wash + Go into ponytails, up-do’s, and other similar styles that’ll always make their curls cool for school

How do you take on Wash Day for your Mini Mixer? Drop your tips and tricks down below!

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Stephanie quintero

i have a 1 year old toddler girl at what agw is best to use your products on my baby hair.

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