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New Season, New Hairstyles: Fall Tips for Natural Curls

A change would do you and your curls some good, CurlMixer!

We know, we know: there’s nothing we’d want to change about our reliable and resilient Wash + Go’s. Not only is this a gorgeous style, but it’s a sure-way to keep up with your hair’s health.

However, just as the seasons switch up so beautifully every year, the same can be said about your curls.




With the cooler air, if your curls aren’t completely dry after a Wash + Go, you can come down with a mean cold and even meaner curls. 

Use this season to try out some new natural hairstyles instead, such as: 

  • Twist-Outs
  • Braid-Outs
  • Bantu Knots 
  • Crown Braids

The good thing about these styles is that your hair has to be completely dry for them to bring out the best of your curls.


Air-drying is a huge “nah” during the winter season, and if you’re not in a rush to turn on your diffuser, the previously-mentioned styles make for the perfect remedy.



Regardless if you want to switch up your hairstyles for fall, there are still healthy hair habits for you to practice to maintain your natural hair health: 

Professional Trim 

There’s nothing like a fresh, clean slate to start your season off right!

If you can’t remember the last time you gave your curls a trim, now would be a lovely time to get to snipping.



Getting a trim is ideal to help repair any damage or split ends that spilled over from the summertime.

By getting rid of those dead strands, you’ll still be on track to cultivating (and maintaining) healthy curls.

CurlMix Pro Tip: We know we’re all for DIY and learning how to nourish your own curls, but please CurlMixer...if you are not scissor-trained, do not become scissor-happy. Book an appointment!

Deep Condition Regularly 

Deep conditioning treatments are honestly a year-round treat, but they’re even more essential during the drier seasons!



With the temperature dropping, there’s a huge drop in water molecules in the air. This leads to our curls being more susceptible to drying out, which can lead to damage and breakage.

To prevent this, you should give yourself a deep conditioning treatment at least 2-3 times a month. 

Deep conditioners will increase your hair’s moisture level, improving your overall hair health and keeping your curls in beautiful condition!





CurlMix Pro Tip: Even if you decide not to deep condition on Wash Day, make sure you’re still using a hydrating conditioner!

Follow Up with Leave-In or Moisturizer

What’s good about having all this moisture from an incredible deep conditioner if you’re not even retaining it???

After you rinse out your conditioner (or deep conditioner, depending on which Wash Day!), you’ll need to lock in all of that moisture with either a leave-in conditioner or a moisturizer.



It’s especially essential that you’re locking in this moisture since your curls will be exposed to cooler air, which means they’re more prone to drying out.

Skip any tricks this season may bring and treat your curls to plenty of moisture on the daily basis.

CurlMix Pro Tip: If you just need to refresh your curls (instead of doing a whole Wash Day), you can spray your strands with water and use the Pure Avocado Moisturizer to rejuvenate your curls. (You can also add in a little bit of Pure Flaxseed Gel to redefine your curls!)

Show Your Scalp Some Love 

When it comes to cultivating healthy curls, your scalp is truly the starting point. 

A healthy scalp will lead to happy and hearty just have to give it some TLC.



Regardless of what style you’re wearing, your scalp is exposed to outside factors. In this case, the cool, dry air is going to be the first thing your scalp is up against this season.

To ensure your scalp remains clean and thriving during this new season, be sure to give yourself frequent scalp massages with our Pure Regrowth Serum.

The scalp massage will help stimulate circulation, which in turn can promote hair growth!



In addition to giving yourself scalp massages, be sure to also ensure that your scalp is feeling all the suds and all the love from every Wash Day you have this season.

More Fall Hair Care Tips 

  • Friendly CurlMix Reminder: Become a diffuser-user! Skip air-drying when the temperature gets to dropping.
  • Wrap It Up: Decorate your curls by adding a scarf to a twist-out or braid-out style.
  • Give Yourself Some Time: Plan out your hair care routines and Wash Day with enough extra time, just in case you have some “Justincase” dilemmas!

Whatever the season is, it’s always a good time to revamp your hair care routine. What are some healthy hair habits you’re including this fall? Let us know down below!

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