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If Your Gel is Causing Flakes, Read This

If Your Gel is Causing Flakes, Read This

Experiencing flakes with styling products is a lot more common than you might think.

In fact, it’s so common, that nearly everyone experiences flaking with styling gels. 

However, some naturals may experience flaking more than other naturals, and that’s precisely what we’re going to talk about here!

Why Your Hair Flakes With Gel

It can be incredibly disappointing to try out a new product that you’re incredibly excited about… only to experience flaking.

But there’s a reason that gels flake and cause residue —

And it often has nothing to do with the product itself!

You see, the culprit might be the formula of a gel itself or even the way the gel is reacting to another product you’re using.


Here’s what we mean:

Did you know that there are polymer molecules within your Gel?

These polymers are what allow your hair to clump together. As it dries, the polymers provide a transparent film "caste," giving you the hold needed for a lasting style.

But keep in mind, these polymer molecules aren’t flexible.

With enough pressure, like when you're touching it and scrunching it to increase definition, that caste breaks.

Think of the caste-like a mirror.

Once you crush the mirror, that once held-together, shiny reflection is now a ton of tiny shattered pieces of "glass" flakes.

That’s why we recommend keeping your hands out of your hair after applying styling products.

Can You Avoid Flaking From Gel Products?

The good news is, you CAN avoid getting flakes!

Follow these four tips to put your best style forward:

TIP #1

The first and most important tip is to be consistent with the brands you are using.

This simply means try not to mix and match brands.

Pairing leave-ins/moisturizers with the same brand of Gel isn’t a marketing ploy meant to keep you buying products.

Some brands may be using this advice as a tactic too, but it's ultimately best to stick to one brand.

Because the products are created to work best together.

If you mix and match brands, certain ingredients may conflict with each other. So if you can stick with the same brand, do so!

TIP #2

Don’t disturb your curls once you’ve applied your styling products.

We know, we know... it can be to resist, but restrain yourself from using combs, brushes, and continually touching your curls after applying styling products.

When you’re tempted, think about this, "If I shatter the mirror, I'm going to end up back in flake city!"

TIP #3

A very important tip here — avoid using too much product when styling. 

Do your best to use only what you need. If you find that the product isn't covering your hair enough, opt for more water before adding more product.

If the product is water-based, the water will help the product spread.

TIP #4

Make sure that your hair is thoroughly cleansed and soaking wet.

If your hair isn’t soaking wet and clean, then your products aren’t being absorbed.

They will, instead, sit on top of your hair and flake once your hair dries.

Water first, and lots of it. Products second!


Flaxseed Gel


And that's all, folks!

We genuinely hope this information helped to shed some light on your flaking experiences.

So before you throw away your new products assuming they just don't work for your hair, make sure that you’ve considered the information in this article.

Have you had experience with flakes?

Leave a comment if you were able to figure out how to stop flakes and what you think may have been the cause.

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